Effective Body Building Meal Plans

Body Building Meal Plans Men and women both are avidly interested in shedding fat and gaining lean muscle mass. Lean muscle makes you look slim and burns more calories even in its resting stage. Just pumping iron in the gym is not going to get you that mean and lean body.

What you eat throughout the day will make a huge difference to the shape and size of your body. If you want to see good and fast results, the importance of correct eating cannot be undermined.  Most people mistakenly believe that consuming high amounts of protein is all that the body requires in order to gain lean muscle mass.

This is pure hogwash. The body instead, requires the right mix of healthy carbs, healthy fats and proteins in ample quantities. Vitamins and fibre in the form of fruits and veggies is also needed for getting a good body. Let us see some effective body building meal plans that can get you the desired results.

Effective Body Building Meal Plans

Always remember to eat 5-6 small meals during the day to remain in the prime of health and to keep your metabolism revved up at all times.


Your breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Ideally, body builders need to kick-start their morning with a blast of fibre to get their digestion going. Eat a crunchy apple or pear as soon as you get up. For breakfast, you can try any of the following options. Remember to start your day with complex carbs, which will give your body the energy and sustenance.

Meal 1 – Oatmeal, ½ cup with honey and milk. Follow this with half a cup of strawberries or 6 walnut halves.
Meal 2 – Two slices of whole-wheat toast with omelette made of egg whites. You can also have a cup of milk.
Meal 3 – One whole grain English muffin — one bajra chapatti with one grape fruit and three egg whites.

The idea is to have a heavy breakfast, which is nutritionally dense and high on complex carbs and proteins.

Mid-day Snack

You must have a mid day snack to keep your energy levels up and metabolism going. Try any of the following options.
A handful of almonds
One slice or half a cup of cheese
One orange/pear
A single slice sandwich stuffed with tofu or cottage cheese.


Lunch again needs a healthy balance of proteins, fats and vitamins. Here are some of the meal options you can explore.
Meal 1 – A big bowl of salad, 1-2 multi grain chapattis, a bowl of whole lentils like rajma, lobia or chana, any green seasonal vegetables and a bowl of curd.
Meal 2 – A big bowl of salad, 1-2 chapattis, 100 Gms of chicken or fish, vegetables and curd.
Meal 3 – Whole wheat, grilled chicken sandwich, A salad bowl comprising of broccoli, lettuce, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes with olive oil dressing and  a handful of almonds.

Evening Snack

Your evening snack can be eaten half an hour prior to your work out. Try having a protein shake, a handful of peanuts or roasted chana, an orange or apple, or slice of whole grain toast with egg white.


Dinner can be a mix of the meals mentioned above in your lunch meal plan. Avoid carbs after 7 pm. Take higher quantities of lean meats like chicken, turkey, fish and low fat sausages. Sautéed, steamed veggies can accompany your dinner. You can also try some vegetable soup or salad. If you still feel hungry, try to have a cup of milk before hitting the sack.

Photo Credit: Boy4me.net/nutricion