Effective Cure For Bell’s Palsy

Effective Cure For Bell's palsyThis condition affects the facial nerve. This nerve is responsible for proper facial movements such as the opening and closing of your eyes and mouth. When this nerve is affected, the person experiences severe stiffness in the facial area. The affected area often becomes swollen due to the inflammation which occurs in the facial nerve.

In some cases, people experience problems only on one side of their face. However, there have been cases where people suffering from this condition have experienced problems on both sides of the face. Bell’s palsy often causes one eye to remain partially open. It can also cause the sagging of the affected portion of the face.

This can be a source of embarrassment and discomfort for the affected person. Apart from conventional medicines, there are many alternative treatments for Bell’s palsy. Several herbs, vitamins and food items are able to effectively treat the problem of Bell’s palsy.

Effective Cure For Bell’s palsy

Vitamin B-12

This vitamin is known to be exceptionally beneficial for the treatment of all kinds of nerve problems. Even in the case of Bell’s palsy, people can get a great deal of relief by making use of this vitamin.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is part of the B group of vitamins and hence, it must be taken along with the other vitamins of this group. This vitamin is helpful in repairing damaged nerves and this is why it is considered to be beneficial in the treatment of Bell’s palsy. It is said that this vitamin is able to restore the facial nerve back to its normal state.

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External heat

Heat is a very effective way of dealing with an inflammation. Heat can be applied to the affected area of your face by making use of a warm cloth. This can be done repeatedly till the symptoms of pain and swelling subside. Heat has a very soothing effect on the inflamed nerves. Apart from the use of a warm cloth, the affected person can also use special heating pads which can heat the area for a longer period of time.


Ginger is very effective in treating the symptom of pain which is normally associated with Bell’s palsy. A piece of ginger can be ground to a smooth paste. This paste can be diluted if necessary. Apply the paste over the affected portion of your face.


Make sure to wash it off if it causes too much burning. Ginger is able to deal with the symptom of inflammation as well. When the inflammation subsides, the symptom of pain settles down as well. Supplements containing ginger can also be consumed in order to treat this condition.


Turmeric is also very beneficial in the treatment of this condition. It can be applied locally to the affected portion of your face. In order to do this, one must grind a piece of fresh turmeric to a paste.


Apart from this, turmeric can also be consumed in the form of supplements. These supplements are very beneficial in bringing about the quick repair of the facial nerve.

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