Effective Cure For Bulimia

Cure For Bulimia Bulimia is a disorder which affects the eating habits of the people and causes severe imbalances in the human body. A person who is suffering from this condition eats large amounts of food and then gets rid of it by inducing vomiting or by forcing a bowel movement with the help of laxatives. This cycle is commonly known as binging and purging.

As a result of this, the electrolytes which are present in the body are thrown out when the person repeatedly vomits or has bowel movements. Due to this imbalance, the functioning of the entire body is affected in a negative way and the person experiences a wide range of symptoms such as weakness, cramps, dizziness and irregular heartbeats.

If bulimia is not treated in time, it can be life-threatening as severe electrolyte imbalances are capable of causing heart attacks. Many people have lost their lives as a result of such heart attacks and so it is important to treat bulimia before the condition becomes severe. Most of the treatments for this condition involve dietary changes and the use of herbs and supplements which can help to curb the desire to binge.

Effective Cure For Bulimia

St. John’s Wort

Cure For Bulimia

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This herb is readily available in the form of supplements and can be used to treat many of the symptoms which are commonly associated with this condition. Bulimia disturbs the emotional balance of the affected people and causes them to suffer from frequent bouts of depression.

Mood swings are also common among many of those who suffer from bulimia. In such cases, St. John’s wort is extremely beneficial as it has a very soothing effect on the emotions of the patient. It helps to combat the feelings of depression and low self-esteem.

However, this herb can react with certain other medicines and so it is important to seek the advice of a medical expert before making use of the herb in any form.

Garlic And Echinacea

Cure For Bulimia

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These herbs are known to be very beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of bulimia due to the fact that they have a very positive effect on the health of the immune system. When the immune system of the patient is strong enough, that person is able to resist infections. As a result of this, the affected people are able to stay healthy.

Garlic is very beneficial even for the functioning of the digestive system as it soothes the delicate linings of the stomach and intestines. These linings often become inflamed due to frequent purging. Echinacea is just as effective as garlic in the treatment of these symptoms.

Licorice Root

Cure For Bulimia

The root of the licorice plant is very effective in the treatment of eating disorders as it helps to reduce the amount of binging done by the patient. In most cases, people make use of this herb by chewing on its roots.

This is said to be very effective in the case of bulimia. It helps to keep the blood sugar level of the patient under control as well. As a result of this, the patient consumes moderate amounts of food.