Effective Diet For Acid Reflux

Diet For Acid Reflux Acid reflux is caused when the stomach acids and undigested food items make their way back up the digestive tract. This condition is extremely common among people of all age groups. It occurs when the oesophagus is not covered properly by the sphincter muscle.

The job of this muscle is to cover the oesophagus in order to prevent such food particles and acids from travelling back up through this tract. When it fails to do this job, the problem of acid reflux occurs. If acid reflux occurs on a regular basis, it can cause several complications in the body.

The person might experience symptoms which include severe burning in the digestive tract. One of the ways of treating this condition is to keep a careful watch on the diet of the patient. There are certain foods which trigger the production of excessive amounts of stomach acids.

Such foods must be avoided by the affected people. Foods which can be digested quickly by the body must be consumed in order to avoid complications.

Effective Diet For Acid Reflux

Eat Smaller Meals

Diet For Acid Reflux

Those who suffer from acid reflux must avoid consuming too much food at one time. It is advisable to divide your food into smaller portions. These portions can be consumed after short intervals of time. When the patients consume heavy meals, the body is unable to digest such large amounts of food.

When indigestion takes place, the undigested food is pushed upwards along with stomach acids. These substances travel through the oesophagus and cause severe burning. They also leave a very bitter taste in the mouth of the patient.

In order to avoid such problems, the affected people are advised to eat small portions of food as this gives the body a chance to digest it properly. It is important to space your meal timings properly till the symptoms of this condition disappear completely.

Foods To Be Avoided

Diet For Acid Reflux

There are certain foods which cause the production of excessive amounts of stomach acid. Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are some examples of acid-producing foods. Those who suffer from acid reflux disease must make sure to avoid the consumption of such fruits in any form.

Dairy products such as butter, cheese and yogurt are also capable of aggravating the condition of acid reflux as they cause the production of excessive amounts of digestive juices. If such items are consumed by the patient, they must be consumed in very small amounts in order to avoid discomfort.

Foods Which Must Be Eaten

Diet For Acid Reflux

The patient must try to consume those foods which do not trigger the overproduction of stomach acids. Apples and bananas are extremely beneficial in such cases as they tend to absorb the extra acid in the stomach.

Carrots and broccoli are also equally effective in such cases and this is why they must be included in the diet of the patient. Whole grain food items can also be consumed by such people as they absorb the extra stomach acids. Chicken and beef are also safe meats which can be consumed by such people.