Effective Diet For Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is a very common health condition which is also known as hypotension. When the blood pressure levels of a person fall below the normal range and continue to stay at such low levels, the person suffers from the problem of hypotension. Low blood pressure can be dangerous if it is left untreated.

In severe cases, the affected people can even lose consciousness and go into a coma if their blood pressure drops too low. Low blood pressure can be rectified and brought back to its normal level by making certain changes in the diet of the affected person. There are certain foods which provide the person with nutrients that regulate the blood pressure levels. Such foods must be consumed on a regular basis.

How To Lower Blood Pressure With Diet

Include Foods Rich In Folate

Folate is part of the b-group of vitamins. This vitamin has a positive effect on the blood pressure levels in the body. It helps to keep the arteries free from blockages of any kind. It also helps to keep them smooth and supple.


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This helps the blood to flow smoothly through the arteries. The blood pressure level of the person also stabilizes within a short period of time. Foods which are rich in folate include legumes and whole grains such as wheat and barley.

Eat Lots Of Fruits

Fruits are ideal as they can be digested rather quickly by the human body. They are light on the digestive system and prevent obesity as well. Citrus fruits are the best in such cases. Fruit salads can be prepared for the patient by making use of the fruits which are in season. Such salads can be used to substitute other snacks which are loaded with unnecessary fats and salt.

Lot Of Fruits

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Avoid The Consumption Of Alcohol And Caffeine

Alcohol is bad for those who suffer from blood pressure problems of any kind. This is because alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate. When this happens, the blood pressure level of the patient starts to fluctuate. In some cases, the blood pressure level of the patient might rise significantly.

This rise is followed by a rapid drop in the blood pressure level of the patient after the effect of alcohol wears off. Caffeine has a similar effect on the blood pressure levels of a person. It causes a rapid rise in the blood pressure level which is followed by a sudden drop.

Consume Milk And Dairy Products

Milk is ideal in such cases as it does not cause spikes and dips in the blood pressure level of the patient. Milk must therefore be included in the diet of the person who is suffering from low blood pressure.

Dairy Products

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Milk can be used to substitute caffeinated drinks and alcoholic drinks which are bad for the health of the patient. Milk can be consumed as it is or it can be consumed in the form of dairy products such as ice cream and milk shakes. Fresh fruits can be added to such preparations in order to make them more nutritious.