Effective Diet Plan For Epilepsy

diet For Epilepsy Epilepsy is a condition which affects the nerves of a person. It causes serious complications in the nervous system and this prevents the affected person from leading a normal life. The functioning of the brain is affected and the person suffers from seizures on a regular basis.

These seizures can even occur as often as five or six times a day. When a person suffers from such seizures, he often loses consciousness for a short period of time. The person can even injure himself if he falls after losing consciousness. In some cases of seizures, the patient might experience severe trembling throughout his body.

In many of these cases, the patient does not even lose consciousness during such an epileptic attack. Epilepsy requires the use of very strong medication that can bring the seizures under control. It also requires a proper diet that can nourish the brain and the nerves in the body.

There are certain foods which weaken the nerves to a great extent. Such foods must be eliminated from the diet of the person. Only those foods which nourish the nerves must be consumed by the patient.

Effective Diet Plan For Epilepsy

Limit the Consumption of Carbohydrates

In most cases of epilepsy, the patients are advised to consume almost no carbohydrates on a daily basis. When a person consumes sufficient carbohydrates, the body is not prompted to burn up the deposits of fat for the production of energy.

However, if the person is not allowed to consume enough carbohydrates, the body starts burning up the available deposits of fat and this causes the production of certain chemicals which are known as ketones.

Medical experts all over the world agree that these ketones play a very important role in boosting the functioning of the brain. When this happens, the person experiences a significant improvement in his case of epilepsy. The person also experiences a fewer number of seizures on a daily basis.

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Increase the Consumption of Fat

In order to increase the production of ketones in the body, it is important to increase the amount of fat that is being consumed on a daily basis. The patient needs to substitute carbohydrates with fats as far as possible.

When this happens, the production of ketones increases and the person experiences a great deal of improvement in his condition within a short span of time. However, it is important to have such a diet monitored by a medical expert as too much fat can make the patient very lethargic.

Avoid foods Containing Monosodium Glutamate

Monosodium glutamate is often added to certain foods. It helps to enhance the flavour of such food items. However, it has been discovered that this substance aggravates the condition of epilepsy as it triggers the occurrence of seizures. This is why people who are suffering from this condition must avoid consuming foods which contain this compound.

Avoid Consuming too Much Alcohol

Alcohol also has a stimulating effect on the nervous system of the human body. In the case of epilepsy, it can increase the number of seizures experienced by the patient. This is why people are asked to avoid the consumption of alcohol as far as possible.

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