Effective Male Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss in men can be traced back to Caesar’s times. It is one of the most common problems faced by men today globally. Hair loss can be attributed to genetic factors and the male hormone called Androgen.

Male Hair Loss Treatments

It occurs because of a genetic tendency called Andro-Genetic in which the hair follicles have increased sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in a few areas of the scalp. This sensitivity causes the hair follicles to shrink and retards their function leading to hair fall. While hair loss in men cannot be eliminated completely, it can be treated in the following ways:

Best Treatments for Male Hair Loss

Restraining DHT levels

Certain chemicals are known to work as DHT inhibitors, that is, they restrict the development of DHT. This implies that there is a lesser amount of DHT that reaches your scalp therefore the hair follicle is protected. Use products which have DHT restrainers in their chemical composition, since they are regarded as a universal and basic hair loss treatment.

Finasteride is a known DHT restrictor and is used in many creams, shampoos and tablets for treating hair loss. The results from using Finasteride based treatment takes about three months, and the hair fall reoccurs in a year once the medication has been suspended.

Boosting Hair Growth

Drugs like Minoxidil are considered as hair growth invigorators because they stimulate hair growth and slow down the process of balding. Being the first male pattern hair loss medicine to be officiated by the FDA, Minoxidil is used topically on the balding areas.

Boosting Hair Growth

However, Minoxidil based creams have temporary results. Hair growth stops almost immediately after the suspension of treatment. Also, this drug does not aid in the hormonal treatment, it merely aids hair growth. Doctors usually prescribe a combination of DHT restrictors and growth invigorators for an effective treatment plan.

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Using anti-androgens, anti-inflammatories

Anti-androgens are drugs that are designed to block or reduce the action of androgens. These drugs work to reduce the amount of DHT found in the scalp by preventing it to reach the hair follicles.

Anti-inflammatories are drugs that are used to treat any skin irritation on the scalp like inflammations, boils, or flaking. These irritations are experienced because of the hormonal disturbances caused by the hair loss medication. Most doctors include an anti-androgen and anti-inflammatory drug in their treatment of male hair loss.

Surgical Options

When all else fails, plastic surgery steps in. There are two main options for treating hair loss surgically. First is undergoing a hair transplant.

hair loss treatment

In this procedure, hair from the back of the head are removed and attached to the top of the head. Next procedure is a scalp reduction, where the surgeons remove the bald and sagging area to pull up the hair on the sides.

While medication is an effective way of dealing with hair loss, surgical alternatives are proving to be popular with men all over the world. With so many options at your disposal, it’s time to put those days of worry behind and treat your hair loss right away.