Effective Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair loss has become a common problem now a days. There are many factors that contribute to the problem like environmental pollution, diet, habits etc. Hair loss is more common in men than women. The scientific term is known as Alopecia that means hair loss or baldness in men.

Effective Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair loss can also be heredatory. These days there are various products present in market that promise good results for the problem, but most of them are only expensive not effective. But there are many home made remedies to cure the problem and these are cheaper as well:-

Natural Treatments For Hair Loss

Mustard Oil With Heena Leaves

Boil a cup of mustard oil along with heena leaves. After boiling it properly filter it and keep it in a bottle. The mixture should be applied on to the affected area regularly to get desired results. This solution is also helpful to get rid of baldness.

Fenugreek Seeds

Grind Fenugreek seeds with water and make a paste that is not too thick and not too thin. Apply it over your scalp for atleast 40 minutes before washing and then rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Effective Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Make sure that you have vigorously massaged the solution on to your scalp. Continue applying it for a month to get good results.

Onion Paste

Make onion paste and massage it over your head till it becomes red and then apply honey after that. Wash it properly after massaging. It will fetch you good result.

Egg Yolk

Effective Natural Remedies For Hair Loss


Take honey and egg yolk and mix them properly. Massage it properly on your scalp and then leave it for half an hour before washing. This also proves to be a good remedy.

Home Made Shampoo

Make a home made shampoo for better results. To make it-mix 5 tablespoon of curd, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of raw gram powder. Apply this mixture over your head and keep it for an hour. Then wash it properly. This is a very good shampoo to get desired results.


Effective Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Mix amla (goose berry), reetha and shikakai and boil them in two litres of water. Boil until the mixture reduces to half. Massage along with coconut oil or aloe vera gel. Keep it for half an hour before washing. Apply this mixture atleast thrice a week to get good results.

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Aloe Vera Gel

Mix aloe vera gel with triphala and apply the mixture after that. This method should be continued for three to six months. This is a slow but effective method to grow new hair.

A Good Massage

Effective Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Always after having shower massage your scalp powerfully. Scalp should be massaged vigourously till it starts to tingle as a result of heat. It will stimulate hair growth by increasing the blood circulation to the areas where the problem persists.

Lettuce And Spinach Juice

The juice of lettuce and spinach is good way to get the growth of new follicles.

Manage Stress

Stress also increases the degree of hair loss. So try and remain stress free as more stress means more hairfall.


Effective Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Maintain proper hygienic practices and wash your hair regularly no matter if your hair is short or long. Many men it as a myth that short hair does not require much care. Yes they are easy to handle but need equal amount of care and hygiene.


Diet should be properly maintained. Products like Coffee, Tea and alcohol stimulate more of hair loss and thus should be avoided and protein rich food like fish, egg etc. Help in growing of hair and thus should be included in your diet. So, these were few important tips to get rid of the hair loss problem and should be tried once before running after the costly hair products.