16 Effective Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones

16 Effective Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones

The tiniest of stones lodged in either of your kidneys can leave you writhing and crying out in pain. Kidney stones are essentially formed of mineral and organic substances. It has been seen that the condition is very common in middle-aged men as compared to women.

Often the stones go undetected until they become large enough to obstruct urine flow. The symptoms of a kidney stone and pain and tenderness on the left side of the body, blood in the urine, difficulties in passing urine, nausea, fever chills and extreme exhaustion.

The condition can be resolved with the help of some simple natural remedies.

Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones

Increase your Fluid Intake

One of the best ways of preventing and treating minor kidney stones is by consuming plenty of water throughout the day. Water will dissolve tiny crystals, which eventually turn into big stones. Water does a good job of removing mineral deposits from the body.

water consuption

6-8 glasses of water is what you should be drinking everyday for preventing kidney stones. Men should be having much more keeping in mind their susceptibility to the condition.

Avoid Beverages

Beverages on the other hand act as diuretics and can make your body severely dehydrated. Hence, it is important to limit their intake or have them in very strict moderation.

avoid beverages

Keep a Track of Urine Output

Keeping a track of your urine output will ensure that you continue to drink enough water throughout the day. This will prevent kidney stones from forming in your body.


Avoid Eating Oxalate Rich Foods

Most of the kidney stones are formed due to calcium oxalate. There are some foods in the diet like fruits and vegetables, which have high quantities of these oxalates.

eat properly

You may be asked to cut down on these. You will also be asked to refrain from eating nuts, chocolates, bran, strawberries, beets, cola and parsley as these have high quantities of oxalates. Check with your doctor first as diet restrictions may not always be imposed and you may be allowed to eat these foods in limited quantities.

Eat lesser of Vitamin C

While this wonderful vitamin has innumerable health benefits, people who are suffering from kidney stones may be asked to cut down on the consumption of vitamin C rich foods because they convert to oxalates in the body at a very rapid rate. However, it can still be taken in the form of foods. Supplements of vitamin C do more harm than good.

vitamin c

Eat less Meat

Eating less meat may help you to deal with kidney stones. This is because meat and fish increase the formation of uric acid stones in the kidneys.

fatty meat

So you may be asked to eat meat in strict moderation.Uric acid also forms in the kidneys when there is an increased consumption of protein by the person. Protein when broken down is converted to uric acid. So you may be asked to cut down your intake of very high quality proteins like lentils, red meat, chicken and fish.

Eat more of fibre

Fibre in the body helps to eliminate the formation of oxalates in the body. This cuts your risk of kidney stones. A bowl of bran flakes can give you 8 mgs of fibre. Eat other forms of fibre as well like oats and certain fruits after speaking to your doctor.


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Strain the urine

In order to get a clue into the stones, your doctor may ask you to strain the urine to be able to catch the urine deposits. This will allow him/her to assess the stones and chalk out a suitable remedy for you.



Increase your Magnesium Intake

Magnesium is helpful in preventing the formation of kidney stones in the body so make sure you take enough of magnesium from your food. Whole wheat bread for instance has large quantities of magnesium so you can benefit from eating whole wheat bread.


Nettle Leaves

The leaves of a nettle plant are converted into herbal teas.These help in better absorption of water in the body and prevent the formation of calcium oxalate stones in the body.This herb works by also maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body,thus reducing the formation of kidney stones.

nettel leaf

Cut down on Salt

Reducing your intake of salt will also be a good preventive measure against kidney stones.


Eat more of Vitamin A

Vitamin A rich foods like pumpkin, carrots, and mangoes help the kidneys to function well and in a healthy manner. This vitamin can go a long way in preventing the formation of kidney stones.

vitamin a

Eat more of Dairy

While this sounds contrary, you may actually benefit from eating calcium rich foods. This is because calcium stores in the body prevent the formation of oxalate crystals, which ultimately give rise to kidney stones in the body. Aim to eat at least 1000 mg of calcium everyday in order to meet your calcium quota.

dairy products

Lemon juice, olive oil and Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a good natural remedy for kidney stones.Dissolve one teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a tall glass of water.

lemon juice

Now drink this water every day. Follow it up with a glass of pure water. This recipe is great for alleviating the symptoms of a kidney stone.

Uva ursi

This is a commonly used folk remedy for the treatment of kidney stones.It works by cleansing the urinary tract and thus reducing the intensity of your symptoms. Around 500 mg, 3 times a day is recommended for kidney stones.

uva ursi

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice or the seeds of pomegranate are very effective in cleansing the kidneys and keeping them healthy. They are a natural remedy and are good because of their sour and astringent properties. Have pomegranate juice or the seeds of pomegranate for best results.

pomegranet juice

The best way of preventing kidney stones is by eating a healthy diet, exercising and drinking enough water throughout the day. This keeps your kidneys healthy and prevents the formation of oxalates and uric acid in the body,which cause kidney stones.