Effective Tips To Improve Brain Power

Tips To Improve Brain Power Notice how hard it is to remember details let alone memorize them with time and age? This is a basic issue with many individuals who find it increasingly hard to recollect names, dates, numbers, places, things and other details as they become old.

And while some of these issues may stem from ailments that affect the brain, most of the time it is inactivity that tends to cause these problems in individuals.

So if you are desperately trying to find out a way to remember things better, here are some effective tricks that could help make your healthier and more active in the long run.

Tips To Improve Brain Power

Remembering Names

Remember how embarrassing it was when you forgot a friend’s name at his/her party? Most of us tend to forget names quite easily, especially those of individuals we meet rarely or have not met in a long while.

When you are introduced to a person for the first time, try to pay extra attention to his/her name and club it with something relevant in your life. For example, if your hear the name ‘Kranti’, try to add a relevant remark to the name by visualizing it with maybe a picture or phrase you could easily recollect later on. You can also use the name quite a few times in your conversations in order to remember it better.

Visualizing the name with an imaginary picture and adding striking details to the same can help you recollect hard names easily. For example, let’s say your friend’s name is ‘Bagyawathi’ and let’s just suppose she loves handbags.

Improve Brain Power

Picture a colorful handbag and add some of her distinct features to it (for example, large studded earrings, pouty lips etc.) and name the picture ‘Bag-vathi’. This would help you recollect her face and name later on. Noting down intricate details could also help you recollect people, especially the names of your colleagues, CEOs, and other great personalities.

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Remembering Numbers

Birthdates, wedding anniversaries and other important dates are often the hardest to remember. However, you can easily remember them by playing little tricks on your brain.

Assigning shapes to numbers can help you recollect them easily. Just be sure that you associate each shape with the number in your thoughts. For example; let’s say you need to remember the numbers 4371. You can picture a batsman hitting a boundary and the ball hitting a man who wears a T.

how To Improve Brain Power

shirt with the number 3. Follow this visualization with the man trying to hit the batsman with a boomerang (7) only to have it get caught in a giant pole shaped like the number 1 and there you have it! Number 4371!

Associating numbers with rhyming words can also help you recollect numbers faster. For example if you want to remember the number 3, you can picture a broken knee. If you want to remember the number 9, you can picture wine flowing out of a bottle.

Remembering Items and Lists

Forgetting details like where you placed your spectacles or care keys etc. can be normal, but can become annoying if you tend to keep forgetting these details constantly.

Whenever you keep something somewhere, try associating the object with the location and visualize it in your head. For example, let’s say you kept your glasses on the computer. Picture a large pair of spectacles peering into a giant computer screen. This would enable you to find things faster.

If you have a list of chores you need to do and can’t seem to remember them all at once, try incorporating them into popular nursery rhymes or songs that you like. Singing the song would then help you remember all the chores you would need to do, and would help you recollect any other list as well.

For example, let’s say you need to remember a grocery list. Try including the items on the list into the song at various intervals (make meaningful additions). Sing the song at least a couple of times before heading out to the market. Now when you reach the store and sing the song, you would most definitely be able to recollect all the items you need to buy.