Effective Tips To Lose Love Handles

tips to lose love handle Love handles are fat pockets that develop around the waist in both men and women. Abdominal fat in itself enhances the chances of some weight related medical implications like heart diseases, high triglycerides and type two diabetic conditions. The fat gets deposited around the oblique muscles of the waist.

How to Lose Love Handles Fast


Reduce Calories

Give up on all food products that have high calorific value including food products containing sugar and sodium; saturated fat like as in sausages, cheese, bacon, French fries, spare ribs and wings.

Increase the intake of food products that are low in calories but high in nutritional value. Lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats should be included in daily diet. Start introducing liquid calories in your diet for better results.

Increase the Number of Meals

Dieting never involves keeping oneself starved. Instead, it means supplying the body with requisite amount of nutrition at equal intervals of time. Increase the number of meals in a day.

This will keep your hunger under control and will prevent binge eating. Prepare meals for yourself that have a balanced amount of protein as well as complex carbs. Meals should not be spaced for more than 3 hours. For example, prepare a meal of low-fat cheese and fresh fruit.

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Avoid Beverages

Alcohol and drinks like sweet tea, canned fruit juice, soda, are very high on calories. When taken regularly, these products will disrupt your advance towards keeping fit.  Water is a much better drink than any other. Consumption of three liters of water daily keeps the body hydrated. Moreover, water is also used to curb hunger.


Cardiovascular Workouts

Cardio workouts are beneficial in reducing fat around the waist. Work out for at least three days in a week and then keep a gap of a day. Cardio exercises are effective when done in intervals.

Begin with a light intensity five-minute exercise for warm-up and then follow it up with a high intensity exercise for thirty seconds. Again reduce the work out intensity to a moderate rate for sixty seconds and again continue as usual. This work out regime helps to burn fat efficiently.

Weight Lifts

Compound exercises are the best way to reduce waist fat. Work with compound exercises for multiple muscles at a time. Push-ups, bent-over rows, shoulder and leg presses, dips and dead lifts are some forms of effective compound exercises. Focus on completing 10 to 12 reps at a time and perform the exercises on the days when you are not doing cardio vascular exercises.

Abdominal Exercises

Perform exercises that will target the excess fat around the oblique muscles. Exercises such as bicycle crunches, hanging, side plank lifts and Russian twists will help in toning up the sides and the lower abdomen.

The above steps will help you to learn how to lose love handles fast for men and safely. These exercises are very useful in shedding extra fat from the body.

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