Effective Top 10 Exercises For Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common causes of suffering plaguing the human race. Regardless of the cause, it is one complication that can lead to severe and debilitating back problems. While some people blame it on their jobs, others blame their lifestyle. However, that doesn’t help in relieving the pain. Top 10 exercise for back pain

Pain in the upper or lower back could be caused due to a wide range of reasons –bad sitting posture, prolonged hours of standing or sitting in one position, surgery or injury could all be possible reasons of back pain. Apart from medications, the best way to relieve back pain is to perform some exercises that will gradually stop the pain and prevent it from coming back.

Top 10 Exercises To Relieve Back Pain



Nothing beats the good old sit-ups. Lie on the back with your knees bent; lift the body up to 4 inches high; count 10 and release. Repeat this 10 times.

Side Bend

Stand straight with arms on both sides and feet shoulder-width apart. Now, lower the right shoulder to bend and run your hand down the thigh, ending the truck at waist, as much as possible without straining. Hold on for 5 seconds and straighten.

Back Stretch

back stretch Sitting on a stool with your back and head against the wall, lift both the arms over the head and hold for 5 seconds. Ensure that the shoulders are touching the wall, and keep your back flat. Now, hold on for another 5 seconds. Lower the hands.

Pelvis Lift

With the back resting on a flat surface, keeping the legs together and arms on either sides, lift the pelvis gradually and count 5. Very easy and effective.

Knee to Chest

Knee to Chest

Source : http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/knee-to-chest-exercise

Lying on your back, clasping both the hands together behind one knee, keep the other leg flat and pull the thigh towards your chest. Maintain this for 15 seconds, and switch legs. Repeat thrice.

Hip Twist

Lie down on your back and stretch your arms to both sides. Bring the right knee upwards so that the thigh forms 90 degree with the chest. Now bend the knee to make the lower leg parallel to the floor. Keep your shoulders on the floor; lower your knee towards the left till it is touching the floor. Repeat with each leg.

Forward Bending

forward bending Take a chair and sit down. Bend forward till you reach the knees. Hold the position for 5 seconds, and then repeat five times. This position helps in relaxing the lumbar muscles.

Back Roll

Lie down with your back on the ground. Now move the body from one side to another, just like you are rolling yourself. Very effective in soothing back pain.

Worm Dance

worm dance Laying on the back, lift the torso with both hands. It will seem like you are crawling just like a worm. As you raise the body, stop. Repeat.

Tail Wagging

Get down on your fours and look at the floor. Keep the shoulders still, and gradually push the right hip up to the right shoulder, as much as you can. Now, get back to the starting position and do it on the other side too. Repeat.

Back pain is definitely a serious condition. When in pain, you should take out 15 minutes from your daily schedule to perform these exercises.

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