Effective Treatment For Moles

Treatment For Moles Moles are tiny black or brown spots on the skin. Moles are known as Nevi or Nevus in medical term. Moles are generally round or oval in shape. They can appear on your face, scalp, arms, back, neck or torso.

The causes for moles are not very clear but heredity seems to be one of the factors. In certain cases acne can also take the shape of a mole. Having 10-40 moles on different parts of your body is considered normal.

A mole is mostly benign growth in the skin which is quite harmless, but if you feel a sudden change in colour and size of the mole or there is an itching in the area then you must show it to the doctor.

Sometimes moles can be cancerous. There is no permanent treatment for moles, but some moles can disappear by regular use of some effective treatments mentioned below. It also depends on the nature of the mole; some deep rooted moles may have to be surgically removed.

Effective Moles Treatments


Application of fresh coriander juice helps to lighten the moles and its regular use will make it disappear. Apply fresh coriander juice with a cotton swab on the moles and leave it to dry, afterwards wash it off with normal water. Make a paste with 1 teaspoon dried coriander powder and milk. Apply it on the affected area and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Wash it with normal water.

Cumin Seeds

Take 1 teaspoon cumin seeds powder; add milk to make a thick paste. Apply it on the moles and leave it till dry. Wash it with normal water.

Castor Oil

Lightly massage castor oil on your moles and leave it overnight. Wipe it with cotton in the morning and wash the area with normal water. Castor oil helps to keep skin moisturised and it heals the moles while removing them. Mix a pinch of baking soda in 1 teaspoon castor oil and apply it on the moles. This also is an effective treatment for moles.


Mash a ripe banana; add 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar in it. Apply the paste on the moles and leave it on for 25-30 minutes. Wash it off with normal water. This treatment for mole is very effective. Vinegar has a bleaching effect and it helps to lighten the moles. Banana contains potassium and sulphur, thus it helps to heal the skin and keep it moist.

Green Apple

Apply the pulp of green apple on the moles for 15-20 minutes. Remove with normal water. Green apple has astringent properties and it is a natural cleanser.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, sweet lime and lemon have ascorbic acid and the juice of these fruits works well to treat moles. Apply the juice of any of these fruits twice a day to treat moles. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C which helps to nourish the skin and it also helps in exfoliating the dark pigmentation on the moles.

Surgical Removal

Surgical removal of moles is also one of the permanent treatments for moles, but it leaves a scar which sometimes may look worse than a mole. You need to consult your doctor and take the best possible option for moles treatment.

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