Effective Treatment For Paralysis

Effective Treatment For Paralysis Paralysis can affect people of any age group, gender or race. People who are affected by this condition lose sensation in certain areas of the body. This happens when the muscles in certain areas lose their ability to function properly.

The nerves in these areas are also destroyed and this causes the loss of sensation. Most cases of paralysis occur when the spinal cord is damaged due to any reason. The spinal cord plays a very important role in the functioning of the human body.

When it is damaged the person can suffer from paralysis. In some cases, paralysis can be temporary. Such cases normally occur when certain drugs have an adverse reaction on the nervous system. Such problems can be resolved by discontinuing the use of those drugs.

In other cases, paralysis occurs when there are other underlying health conditions in the body. Many cases of paralysis can be treated by making certain changes in the diet and lifestyle of the affected person. There are also several herbal remedies which can be used to bring relief to the patient.

Best Treatment For Paralysis

Consuming Potassium

Potassium is extremely important for the proper functioning of the human body. When the body is deficient in this vital nutrient, the muscles become extremely weak and this often leads to temporary paralysis in certain areas of the body. Such a case of paralysis is known as flaccid paralysis.

It is extremely important to regulate your intake of potassium in order to treat this condition. Potassium can be obtained from various food sources which include beans and green leafy vegetables. Bananas are also excellent sources of this nutrient.

Once the amount of potassium in the body increases, the muscles start functioning properly again and the symptoms of paralysis disappear. In very severe cases of potassium deficiency, the person might need to make use of potassium supplements which are given intravenously.


Flaxseeds are excellent for the health of the muscles and nerves. They must be consumed by people on a regular basis due to their excellent nutritive value. Even in the case of paralysis, flaxseeds are beneficial in aiding the repair of damaged muscles and nerves.

These seeds even help to prevent attacks of paralysis in the future if they are consumed in proper amounts on a daily basis. The oil that is obtained from these seeds can also be used to prevent and treat paralysis.

Olive oil Massages

Olive oil has a very stimulating effect on the nerves and muscles in the human body. It is exceptionally good in treating cases of facial paralysis. People who experience the symptoms of paralysis in the facial area are advised to apply some warm olive oil to their face.

After doing that, they are to massage the oil into the skin so as to facilitate absorption. This must be done on a regular basis and the oil must be left on the skin for a few hours before it is washed off. This remedy helps to restore sensation in the affected areas of the body.

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