Effective Ways Of Treating Erectile Dysfunction At Home

Treating Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction is quite a common problem that plagues all men at some time or the other. However, the problem isn’t openly discussed or even medically reported because of the social embarrassment that it carries. Most men think that talking about erectile dysfunction will cast doubts on their virility and manhood.

There is also a belief that going to quacks or getting treated by taking over-the-counter medicines like Viagra will cure erectile dysfunction. This belief stems from the fact that not many men are aware of the root cause of the problem although they might be suffering frequently from it.

The most important thing in treating any condition is to first find out the cause for the condition. In most cases the condition can be treated at home easily by introducing some healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle. Use the simple remedies given below to treat erectile dysfunction naturally.

Eat a well-balanced diet which is also high in fiber content. Abundant quantities of fiber can be found in fruits and vegetables. Fiber is water soluble and is released from the body at regular intervals. It is extremely beneficial in the removal of waste products and toxins from the body. Sometimes accumulation of toxins in the body can lead to blockage in arteries. This blockage causes poor blood circulation to body parts including sexual organs.

Include 30mg of zinc in your daily diet. This zinc requirement of the body can be met only by taking zinc supplements. You should have copper supplement along with zinc supplement as copper helps the body absorb zinc better. If you do not suffer from zinc deficiency you are highly unlikely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes deficiency of vitamin A can also cause impotency in men. Therefore, it is important that a man takes at least 120mg of vitamin A every day. You can take vitamin A in the form of a supplement or include vitamin A rich foods like carrots and papaya in your daily diet. To treat erectile dysfunction at home drink a glass of warm milk with ½ teaspoon turmeric added to it. You must drink this milk every night for a period of one month. Your erectile dysfunction will be successfully cured.

A herb by the name of Gingko is widely used to treat erectile dysfunction. The herb is taken by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction caused by use of anti-depressants. The herb has a relaxing and soothing effect on the muscles which allows better circulation of blood to the penis.

Dry fruits are commonly used to increase sexual energy. The heat from the dry fruits is known to facilitate proper flow of blood to all body parts including the penis. To treat erectile dysfunction with dry fruits combine 100 gms walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, prunes, raisins, figs, dried apricots, zest of two lemons in an electric mixer and grind all the ingredients to a coarse powder form.

treat Erectile Dysfunction

Add some honey to the dry fruits mixture and transfer the mixture in a clean and dry jar. You must take two teaspoons of this mixture every day or you can add the mixture to a glass of warm milk and drink at night time. Take almonds and grind them to a fine powder. Take two tablespoons of dry almond powder and mix it in a glass of warm milk. Drink this milk every night before going to bed.

In most cases of erectile dysfunction medication is the part of the problem. Some prescribed as well as over-the-counter medicines have temporary erectile dysfunction as one of the side effects.  If you are on some sort of medication, especially antibiotics, then check with your doctor if your condition could be as a result of the medicines. If this is the case then request your healthcare provider to change the medication and recommend something that does not cause erectile dysfunction.

Drinking alcohol should be avoided before having sex. Alcohol muddles the brain and numbs the body which affects in erectile dysfunction at times. A man who has been drinking alcohol an hour before sex will find himself difficult to perform.

Smoking is another evil which is known to cause temporary cases of erectile dysfunction. Smoking releases large amounts of nicotine in the blood which decreases the flow of blood circulation. When the penis does not receive enough blood it cannot effectively become hard to allow penetration.

Spice up your sex life by breaking from the mundane. Many times men become bored with performing in the same position. So try new position to build the excitement in your sex life. A routine position can make your bed room life pretty boring which lead to erectile dysfunction. Experimentations in the bedroom can add that missing zing to your life.

Try and get away from home to enjoy a better sex life. Many times the fear of children or other family members walking in on you during sex can cause anxiety which can also case erectile dysfunction. So try a different location by booking yourself and your partner in a hotel room.

Focus on foreplay to excite your mind and body. Many times couples simply want to get on with the act because of lack of imagination. Talk to your partner and reveal your fantasies. Your partner might have one or two of her own to share. If possible act out your fantasies. This will help you achieve a full arousal before penetration.

Don’t let the stress at your work place or at your home get you. Tension and anxiety can lead to erectile dysfunction because you are mentally exhausted. Make it a habit of never discussing any problems in the bedroom. The bedroom should be your haven where you can be happy and stress-free. Listen to music, exercise or go for walks to get rid of all the negative energy.

The problem of erectile dysfunction is understandably embarrassing. However, the problem can be treated so don’t feel shy to ask the opinion of your doctor. He/she might want to analyze your daily diet and lifestyle before making any recommendations for treatment.