Effective Ways To Raise Your Stamina

Stamina is the power of performing a particular task for a prolonged period of time, without feeling tired or exhausted. Today, most of the people complain of feeling tired all the time while they are doing their daily activities.

This indicates lower energy level and lack of endurance or stamina. Leading a sedentary lifestyle or depending too much on modern technology like a car, remote control, elevator etc. makes your body used to inactivity.

You have to build your stamina to maintain your overall health, especially the function of your heart and lungs. It is not about building muscles, it is about boosting your energy levels, so that you are able to perform your day to day activities like climbing the stairs, working long hours at the desk or your household chores effortlessly.

Effective Ways to Raise Your Stamina


If you have not been exercising lately, then walking is the best way to start your physical activity programme to raise your stamina. Start by walking for 20-30 minutes a day at a comfortable speed. Walking helps to tone the leg muscles, strengthen the lumber region and it improves the function of your heart and lungs.

Gradually increase your speed to cover the same distance in less time. Brisk walking will increase your energy level and if you feel breathless then just take a short rest and resume your walk.

Ways To Raise Your Stamina

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After gaining enough strength after brisk walking, you can start jogging to raise your stamina. Jogging is one of the best stamina building aerobic activities. Some people may not feel comfortable with jogging, due to strain on knees. Walking outdoors in a park should be preferred, but if this is not possible then walking on a treadmill is equally good.


Cycling is another stamina building activity that can be done by people of all age groups. Elderly persons should consult their doctor before starting cycling. Cycling is a refreshing activity and you get a chance to enjoy fresh air. It improves your lung capacity and helps you to perform physical activities tirelessly.

Raise Your Stamina

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Cycling for 20-25 minutes daily will raise your stamina effectively. Cycling on a stationary bicycle is equally beneficial. You can go to a nearby gym or buy a stationary bicycle to practise in the comfort of your home.


Swimming is a wonderful form of exercise to raise your stamina. It gives you a cardio workout and it is a low impact exercise. It tones up your entire body while increasing your endurance power.

how To Raise Your Stamina

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You can include swimming in your regular exercise regime and do it twice or thrice a week along with other physical activities.

Sports Activities

Involve yourself in high endurance sports activities like lawn tennis, table tennis, basket ball, squash, soccer or hockey etc. to raise your stamina. Playing sports gives you a high and it builds your mental as well as physical health. You can join a sports club and play on weekends.

Make a team in your society and play matches with teams of other societies. It will keep you motivated and you will strive to do better. Remember, consistency is the key for achieving your goals. Keep going and you will feel better and better with each passing day.