Effects Of Sex On Your Health

Sex is usually associated with seeking and giving pleasure and a means to bring off springs to this world. However, sex is much more powerful than just these and if we understand how sex affects our health in a global way we may begin to consider taking out more time for this activity. Sex is of course a way to show love and build intimacy with your partner.

But selecting the right partner is important. You should ensure not to get infected with any kind of sexually transmitted diseases or infections by practicing safe sex. You can also avoid unwanted pregnancies in this way but the best advice is to avoid multiple partners and remain committed to a single partner whom you love and know well. Sex has to be practiced in a balanced manner as too much or too less both can be detrimental to your health.

Role Of Sex On Mental Health

Managing Stress

Stress is an unavoidable fact of life which has far reaching negative impacts on our overall health and quality of life unless we manage it properly.

Effects Of Sex On Your Health

Sex is an effective way to manage stress due to the release of endorphins that can make you feel relaxed and happy. Stress may also hamper libido or the urge to have sex. Therefore, it is essential to create ways by which you will feel motivated to have more sex to combat stress itself.

Avoiding Depression And Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are mental hazards that may stem from low indulgence in sex. Sex triggers the release of hormones that combat depression and anxiety thereby keeping you in a happy mood. You will feel more relaxed and get a boost of confidence regarding everything in your life. Sex and depression have a deep connection as you may not feel sexually motivated if you are depressed but if you have sex you can combat depression.

Amazing Positive Effects Of Sex On Physical Health

Preventing Cancer And Cardiac Problems

Sex is claimed to prevent cancer of many kinds and also cardiac diseases! There are less chances of getting prostate cancer as higher numbers of ejaculations have been found to lower the risks of prostate cancer.

Effects Of Sex On Your Health

Frequent sex can also lower the risks of getting a stroke or cardiac problems as this becomes a kind of regular exercise. Cholesterol level is regularized by maintaining optimum level of good cholesterol. The blood circulation gets improved along with deep breathing and heart rate.

Relieving Various Pains And Discomforts

Painful migraines and arthritis can be relieved with regular sexual indulgence. The released endorphins create manifold positive effects on all over the body and mind thereby improving your quality of life in several ways.

Other Health Benefits

Immune system gets strengthened due to antibody immunoglobulin A thereby colds and flu symptoms are well combated. The pelvic muscles get strengthened which helps you to gain good control over the bladder.

Controlling Weight, Improving Sex Appeal And Sleep Patterns

Sex is a great exercise through which you can burn at least 200 calories! Your sex appeal improves and the skin glows with frequent sex. Rigorous sex will exhaust you thereby ensuring a good sound sleep which is fulfilling and refreshing.