Emerging New Treatment For Acne

Emerging New Treatment For Acne Acne has since time immemorial, been targeted in several ways ranging from herbal and home remedies to acne creams and antibiotics depending on the severity of the breakouts.

Despite this, there are some sections of the population that continue to suffer from chronic breakouts. Emerging therapies in the field of dermatology have laid a lot of emphasis on laser treatment for acne removal. This uses blue light therapy or diode light therapy in the treatment of acne.

Emerging New Treatment For Acne

Laser and Light Therapies

These laser and light therapies have proved to be extremely beneficial in the treatment of acne. This is because they target the deeper layers of the skin. They damage the sebaceous glands, forcing them to produce less oil and this leads to lesser acne. Some light therapies also target the bacterium that causes acne.

This has led to a marked improvement in skin texture as compared to conventional anti biotic treatment. These therapies are said to help in many ways. They reduce the production of oil and prevent pitting and scarring which is generally seen in chronic cases of acne. Blemishes are reduced to a large extent. Several laser and light therapies have left an indelible mark in the field of acne removal.

Blue Light Therapy

In this, very low doses of blue light are thrown over the surface of the skin. This light is said to work by destroying the bacterium called as P acnes, which commonly causes breakouts on the surface of the skin.

The only drawback is that regular ongoing treatment with blue light is required as this bacterium is resistant and tends to multiply quickly once the light therapy is stopped. Similarly, newer light therapies have emerged which use a combination of blue and red light to target acne.

Pulsed Light and Heat Energy Treatment

Pulsed light along with high levels of heat are said to destroy the bacteria that cause acne and also damage some of the sebaceous glands which leads to lower levels of oil production on the surface of the skin. Lesser oil from the sebaceous glands reduces the incidence of acne. People have observed a marked improvement in the skin tone and texture with this therapy.

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Diode Laser Treatment

This uses a diode layer to target the middle layer of the skin, which contains sebaceous glands. The procedure is rather painful as a powerful beam is used to reach the deeper layers of the skin. The common side effects of this therapy are pain, redness and swelling on the treated areas. The pain can however, be controlled with the help of painkillers and analgesics.

Photodynamic Therapy

In this, a photosensitizing agent is used on the surface of the skin. This is followed by the application of red or blue light. This therapy uses a combination of topical medications and light therapy.


Steroid injections are given for acne, which forms painful lumps beneath the surface of the skin. These lumps do not get ok on their own and require the use of steroids. The steroid injections flatten the surface of the skin and these lumps gradually are minimized over a period of 2-3 days. Side effects are known to occur.