Enhancing Your Appearance By Maintaining Proper Personal Hygiene

Proper Personal Hygiene The term Personal Hygiene refers to the condition when an individual engrosses in certain acts or steps to keep himself and his surroundings clean. The importance of maintaining a neat and clean hygiene is not only important for the upkeep of one’s health but is also essential for the enhancement of one’s self confidence and emotional strength.

How an individual maintains himself will proclaim his personality and the priorities in his life. In short it will help to mark an impression on others. When looking to maintain a hygienic lifestyle, every aspect of a person’s well being needs to be covered. Other than the emotional and the mental state of a human being, an individual will be able to enhance his appearance by taking care of his body, oral and hair hygiene.

Good sanitary practices which are essential for your well being will help in improving relationships with others while enhancing the productivity and self-esteem in life. It is but natural that being social animals, we humans need to interact with each other through out our lives.

Just think of a situation when a person with bad oral hygiene, smelly feet and unkept body comes to your door step for a job or some serious business. What will be your reaction towards him? Of course that of distaste!

You will be in a hurry to get rid of him irrespective of how good a worker or a person he may be from inside. This is just a simple example that testifies the importance of personal hygiene in our lives. In fact bad breath and stained teeth have been found to be one of the many reasons for broken relationships.

Let us now discuss some simple fundamentals which will help in enhancing our appearances by maintaining proper personal hygiene.

Oral Hygiene

A very important part of our hygiene is oral hygiene. It can get quite embarrassing and offensive for people not only with bad breath and stained teeth but also bleeding gums. Some of the main reasons which cause these oral problems are discussed below.

Firstly, gum diseases like scurvy that is responsible for bleeding of the gums is one of the foremost reasons behind bad breath. This dental disease is caused as a result of improper cleaning of the teeth and the deposition of food particles in between the oral cavities. The second most important cause that is responsible for the various oral diseases is too much consumption of alcohol or cigarettes.

Now, the most important question as to what steps need to be taken to maintain a healthy oral hygiene. The first and the most important step is the proper brushing of our teeth. Experts are of the opinion that teeth need to be brushed at least three times daily, after all major meals. This will prevent the deposition of food remains between the fringes and cavities of the teeth.

Toothpastes with green tea extracts and salt particles are advised for the best results. These products have anti bacterial properties and prevent the accumulation of germs in the oral cavity. Floss the mouth and one can use mouth washes made up of mint and green tea extracts to remove the food particles that remain behind even after brushing.

Gargling the mouth at regular intervals will keep the throat and the tongue free of germs. Infected throats are one of the sources of bacteria that can spread its infection to the gums.

Maintaining Proper Personal Hygiene

Saliva is known to have the best anti bacterial properties while keeping the mouth moistured. Use of a sugarless chewing gum will keep the mouth moistened and will prevent it from drying. Food products with strong odours like garlic and onion should be avoided.

Finally, smoking and tobacco chewing are the two most important reasons which are responsible for tooth decay, stains and bad breath. These actions should be stopped if you want to maintain a healthy personal hygiene.

Body Hygiene

Armpits, groins and the feet are the three main regions of the body that needs to be taken care of, as these are the regions which cause the maximum bad odour in our body.

To avoid bad smelling body parts, daily cleaning with a proper cleanser or soap is essential. During summers when the body sweats the most, bathing twice becomes essential. Avoid using unclean clothes as they tend to carry infection and germs from the previous day. They also smell of sweat. Food products which have bad odour like onion and garlic should be avoided. Antiperspirants and deodorants can be used to conceal odour produced as a result of sweating.

For a hygienic foot care, wash the foot and the in between regions of the toes with water and anti fungal soaps regularly. Soaking the foot in saline water has two-fold benefits. The first being that it helps to relax the muscles after a hard day out and secondly, as salt has antibiotic properties therefore it helps to keep the legs free from infection.

Reusing socks without getting them cleaned also causes bad odour. Ensure that the socks that you wear are cleaned everyday. Shoes too need to have good fittings and should be airy. Avoid using damp shoes as that will surely lead to the foot getting wet and damp and will produce a bad odour. Summers and the rainy seasons are the most important times of the year when special care of the feet need to be taken. To keep them dry sprinkle the shoes and the feet with powder and use dried out shoes.

The other two important aspects which need to be included when maintaining personal hygiene are taking good care of the hair and the hands, specially the nails. Hairs need to be kept clean and dandruff free. Dirty hair can attract lice that can be very offending. Dandruff can cause a number of skin diseases, besides being the main reason behind hair loss. Proper care of the hair will make you look healthy and attractive.

Lastly, nails of both our hands and feet should be trimmed short. Long nails can be kept only when special care is taken to ensure that the space between the nails and the finger tips do not accumulate dirt.

For this wash the hands with soap whenever you have been out. Use disinfectants to keep the hands free from germs before and after you have food. These are just simple steps which will help you to keep a glowing personality that will be liked by all..