Enjoy Multiple Sex Sessions With Her

Enjoy Multiple Sex Sessions Multiple sex sessions require strong body and mind .This article focuses on tips for men to have the multiple sex sessions and ways to have improved sexual stamina.

Phase one: Masturbate Before Having Sex With Her

You should masturbate before having sex with her, and you should take proper rest after masturbation. You should masturbate without any guilt feeling and make sure that you drink milk and eat almonds after it. You should also intake dates after masturbation.

Phase two: Have a Lengthy Foreplay

Lengthy foreplay is a must for improving sexual stamina. You should kiss her all over her body without removing her dress. You should hold her hands and gaze at her eyes romantically. You should stroke her hair and massage her neck area.You should praise her beauty and you should massage her back area slowly. You should sit near her thighs and you should massage her thighs.

Phase three: Enjoy Oral Sex

You should undress her slowly and massage her inner parts. You should start sucking her breast and you should start kissing her inner arm. You should suck her neck area and you should lick her thighs.

You should enjoy oral sex with her at this stage by kissing her vaginal area. You should rub her clitoris and you should stroke the area between her anus and vagina. You should lick her outer vaginal walls and you should rub your penis over her clitoris. Make her stroke your penis and pleasure it.

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Phase four: Enjoy Sex With Her

You should ask her to try various outfits that night and that would give a feeling that you are having sex with many partners. You should ask her to wear skirt for sometime before you have the sex with her. You should not ejaculate. You should make her wear some other outfit and then you should start with the phase two and three mentioned above.

Different Types Of Multiple Sex Sessions

You should thrust your penis inside her vagina and start stroking her clitoris. You should start with shallow sex and you should look at increasing pleasure that you will get by touching vaginal walls. You should ask her to do woman-on- top positions with you. That would cut friction in your penis and would help you to prolong your ejaculation.

Phase five: Stay Together After Ejaculation

You should kiss her passionately and you should rub her back after sex. You should not clean yourselves immediately and key is to whisper on her ear how much you enjoyed sex with her and how you like to have a one more session with her after some rest.

Phase six: Enjoy Shower Sex Together

You should do shower sex together after sometime and make sure that you rub her clean. You can try oral sex under shower to make her feel hot. You can use hot water to shower as that is found to increase blood flow to penis.

Take her to bed and start your sexual foreplay once again. You will feel exhausted after ejaculating and it is better to take rest together before starting the multiple sex sessions with her.

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