Essentials of Men’s Casual Shoes

There is a popular saying which says that a man’s attitude and personality is reflected by the type of shoes he wears. It is true that it is not just the clothes that you throw on yourself to look good and well-dressed , but also the shoes that you decide to pair with them which is equally important to define you.

Casual shoes for men

Shoes along with your clothes are a reflection of who you are and your taste and detail in everything. The choice in shoes can make or break an entire outfit.

In such a scenario it is important to choose your shoes properly.Shoes do not only add a hint of attitude to your entire look but they are also practical necessities.

They carry the entire weight of the body throughout the day and it is wise to select shoes which are stylish and at the same time functional and comfortable. Men’s shoes have come a long way from being closed brogues. Now a variety of designs and style of shoes are available for casual wear. A few styles in casual shoes that are popular as well as functional are:

Top Casual Shoes For Men



The best thing about loafers are that they can be casual and comfortable and at the same time can give a semi formal look to any attire.


These varieties are easy to wear and are better for warmer climates as they help with air circulation. Socks should be avoided being paired with sandals as they do not go well together.

Canvas Shoes

This style is one of the most preferred and popular styles amongst the casual shoes for men.

Canvas Shoes

The laced front and canvas fabric makes the shoes waterproof, easy maintenance and comfortable to wear the whole day without straining the feet.


These shoes were primarily made for exercise and for running. But now they have evolved into one of the most loved and worn casual shoes as their good thick soles help in providing good stance and proper cushioning for the person who wears them.

Saddle shoes

These are like the usual Oxford shoes but with an extra different colored leather layer on top.

Saddle shoes

They are a good option for spicing up regular formal wear and adding a casual or informal touch.


These are available in a variety of styles which can help the wearer decide what kind of casual look he is trying to achieve.

A few other things that men should remember while wearing or choosing their shoes are the color of their attire and belts and the type of look they are trying to achieve. Casual wear doesn’t mean being messy. Being properly dressed is necessary for any occasion.

Shoes should generally match the color of the belts if a solid color belt is worn. Black shoes with brown belts look odd. Also black shoes go well with black or gray colored attire where as brown shoes look better with tan or brownish colored pants. Sticking to a single color family is always a safe option.