Exercises To Strengthen The Shins

Shin pain occurs when too much stress is laid on your shin bone (tibia). It is caused by excessive running, mountain climbing or climbing stairs at fast speed. Amateur athletes, lawn tennis players and basket ball players are more at risk of suffering from shin splints. Athletes who run bare foot also suffer from shin stress and pain.

Other common causes of shin splint are lack of warming up exercises prior to an intensive physical activity, improper stretching and running on hard surface with worn out shoes. Shin pain can cause a lot of discomfiture and may cause hindrance in your sports activity. You should focus on shin strengthening exercises while performing a workout routine.

Exercises to Strengthen the Shins

Calf Stretches to Stregthen the Shins

Calf stretches improves the flexibility of leg muscles and help to reduce stress on the shins. To perform calf stretches stand straight against a wall.

Exercises To Strengthen The Shins

Place your feet as close to wall as possible. Raise your heel and hold the pose for 20 seconds. Relax and bring the heels down. Repeat 10 times.

Walking on the Heels to Strengthen the Shins

This exercise improves balancing and it strengthens the leg muscles. In the beginning you can use the support of a table or a kitchen counter to prevent a fall.

Walking on the Heels to Strengthen the Shins

To perform this exercise stand on your heels while keeping your head, neck and shoulders absolutely straight. Start walking on your heels and maintain even steps. Stop when you are unable to balance yourself and then start again. Gradually you will be able to walk straight and without support.

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Yoga Exercises to Strengthen the Shins

The following Yoga Poses help to strengthen the shins and leg muscles.

The Tree Pose (Vriksha Asana)

The Tree pose improves your overall balance and strengthens the shins.

To Perform this Pose

Stand straight with your feet placed together. Place your arms along the sides. Fold your right leg and hold the right foot with your left hand. Slowly place your foot inside the thigh, as high as possible. Raise your arms above your head in Namaskar mudra.

yoga to Strengthen The Shins

Breathe normally and hold the pose for 5 seconds. Relax and bring your arms down, then unfold the leg and place your foot on the floor. Repeat on the other side. Gradually increase the holding time to 20 seconds.

Half Moon Pose (Ardhachandra Asana)

Half Moon pose helps to strengthen leg muscles and it reduces stress from the shins. It is a balancing pose and improves your performance in sports activities.

To Perform This Pose

Stand straight and place your feet together. Take a deep breath and stretch your right leg behind your back as far back as possible. Simultaneously stretch your left arm in front of you.

Half Moon Pose

Slowly bring your left arm down in front of you while exhaling. Extend your right arm towards the ceiling. Hold the pose for a few seconds. Come back to starting position. Relax and repeat on the other side.

You may find Half Moon pose a little difficult to perform in the beginning, but you will gradually gain control with regular practice.