Expensive 34’ Dufour 335 Grand Large Yacht

Expensive 34’ Dufour 335 Grand Large Yacht

There are plenty of people who suffer from sea fever, but still, desire to sail across the sea and experience the magic of sailing. This instinctive urge of sailing should not take a back seat, as 34’ Dufour Grand Large Yacht is there to fulfil their yearning of sailing across the seas.

This has been specially designed for pleasure seeking people amidst the wild seawaters. This irresistible temptation need not be curbed. It is with this view in end, that the 34’Dufour 335 Grand Large Yacht has been manufactured.

34’ Dufour 335 Grand Large Yacht Unique Features

It was modelled in 2011 itself and can be availed off from Hamble Point Marina, Southampton.  It comprises of twin cabins, double wheels and a singular head rendering greater visibility.

34’ Dufour 335 Grand Large Yacht Unique

The yacht has fine steering and has been made by keeping comfort in mind. The cockpit is spacious enough to provide place for enjoyment. One would find wine stowage space in this yacht as well. Loudspeakers are placed in the cockpit to provide entertainment to the voyager.

What Makes Up the Yacht?

Teak wood is used for cockpit flooring and roof. There are trimmed track seats in the cockpit and non-sticky GRP sole. The engine level is well within reach. Solid teak wood handrails are placed on the couch roof. This throws light on the luxurious build of the yacht.

What Makes Up the Yacht

The entire deck and deck fitting have eye-catching features. The forward cabin is found to have larger berth and the stowage locker can be accessed under berth.  Along with the hull, it has a hull with double hanging lockers. Volvo Perita has been used in this 34’Dufour 335 Grand Large Yacht.

Rhapsodic Effect Upon Voyagers

The chart table of this luxurious yacht is “l” shaped. There are special provisions for keeping laptop and even hinged desktops. The hinged wooden seat is adjustable to the heel with stowage.  One would also find white vinyl cushion.

Rhapsodic Effect Upon Voyagers

Comfort never escaped their minds while designing the yacht. Hence, it has some commendable features like stainless steel bow protector, fine line gates, switch boat with circuit breakers, pressurized water system, heater, refrigerator, oven, alternator with battery isolator. For aft cabin, there is double berth and battery master switch is attached on each side of the boat.

Special Features in 34’Dufour 335 Grand Large Yacht

Some special features of this new model yacht aft head are manual marine toilet, a moulded washbasin in each cabinet, large mirror, chrome plated mixer, showerhead. Electric pump has been fitted for drainage of water. It has the capacity to carry quite a large number of voyagers and is ideal for long voyages.

Boredom seldom sets is as so many things have been incorporated. One get time for leisure while on this yacht voyaging across the sea. Dufour dining set, idle bag and jacks, external engine feature add a new colour to the making of the yacht. Instead of marine plywood, solid wood is used up for interior and framing.

People who have enjoyed being on this yacht had known what luxury is. For those who want to experience luxury should make the booking for it without wasting time further.

34’ Dufour 335 Grand Large Yacht Price

The Price Of 34’ Dufour 335 Grand Yacht is US $112,499.