Fabulous Five Tips For Online Dating

Every passing year you can see countless of people dating online end up marrying each other. You can find many successful marriage stories where people first dated over the internet and then decided to come together. However, there are many heartbreaking stories too which can be read and heard from various sources.

Fabulous Five Tips For Online Dating

So before you head for an online dating, it is very important to play safe by following a couple of vital tricks and tips for online dating. Let’s check top five tips to have successful online dating:

Ways For Online Dating

Choose Appropriate Online Dating Service

The web has different types of dating platforms or services. You are supposed to select the most suitable one as per your objectives. The first category is the general online dating services wherein you can see different profiles of men and women for dating. This includes, FrienFinder, Match.com and LavaLife.

The second category deals with relationship services which can be accessed after a compatible test. This category is meant for people who are serious about marriages and relationships. This category includes Chemistry and eHarmony.com. The third category is Social Network services like Facebook, Myspace, Friendster etc.

Fabulous Five Tips For Online Dating

wherein you can build your base of friends and find potential men and women for onlne dating. The fourth is the niche dating services which bring in people of common interest to date. The last category which seems more real is the merging online dating services. It’s a blend of both online and offline element.

For instance, Chick n Chit and Peek a Bio are platforms which fall into this category wherein men and women post their profiles and get printed cards which they simply distribute to people who are interested for a date. Abide all the safety measures for your online dating: Once you decide your category of online dating and sign up a relevant one, the first thing you need to do is learn things to play safe.

Explore a number of do’s and dont’s of online dating. To name them few, while treading for your online dating avoid giving too personal information, home phone number, when you have meet make sure you meet in a public place in your first date, ask for the recent picture and lastly follow your gut instincts to play safe.

Make Winning Profile With Recent Pictures

Your profile and picture is the first thing which can make or mar your impression before people looking out for an online date. Hence while creating your profile, make sure it is lively, positive and carry a fun element in it. You can check other dating profile and learn the way they have created it.

Fabulous Five Tips For Online Dating

Also, while adding photos over your dating profile make sure you post the most recent ones. Select a photograph which showcases you the best with proper dress and background. If you are able to create an interesting or winning profile with elegant picture, you have added more probability to get right leads for your online dating. You can even further explore this issue to embark with killing profiles for this purpose.

Master Your Communication Skills

Your first message or email to anyone regarding the online date can make or mar your probability of getting your prospects for the date. It is therefore imperative to make your introductory email a bit personal along with asking a couple of key questions about the person mailing an online date proposal.

Using some compliment phrases like, ‘I like your smile’, or, ‘Yours the best profile I read ever’ may not mar anything but at the same time are to be used wittingly. Hence it is always better to learn effective communication techniques by exploring this issue online or even by joining some short term course. After all your first impression is a last impression.

Never Turn Out A Professional Online Dater

There are many people who become too addicted for online dating by becoming a professional online dater. This kind of addiction can reach to such an extent that it starts affecting relationship and the upcoming relations along with hurting people in this mayhem.

Fabulous Five Tips For Online Dating

A professional online dater is the one who has several accounts at different online dating websites which are simply created to play with the emotions of people just for fun and leisure. If somebody is pursuing a serious relationship with you, your professional online dating attitude can simply end up hurting someone for no fault of theirs. While moving ahead in your online dating, make sure you respect the person you meet by being genuine and kind rather than being manipulating.


The above tips and tricks of online dating would certainly help you in shaping up your personal character and conduct and prepare you the best for this venture. These tips would arm you to find your Mr or Miss Right and you never know unlike the many, you too settle down with a serious relationship.