Facial Hair Styles And Beard Styles For New Looks

Facial Hair Styles And Beard Styles For New Looks

Often men feel that they have lesser options than women to experiment with their face. But this is not true. Facial hair, which if in excess in women is considered a curse, comes to the men as a boon. Men can experiment in several ways with their facial hair which includes the beard, the moustache and even the whiskers to sport new looks frequently. The needs of the metro sexual man and the breakthroughs in beauty and fashion have given the men folk a wide variety and range of facial hair styles and beard styles to choose from to suit their personalities and facial structures.

A man therefore can look smart, careless, formal and funky depending upon the occasion and mood by just changing his looks through facial hair styling.

Facial hair in men are associated with their masculinity and hence men can make use of their facial hair by styling appropriately to sport new looks. The modern man is no longer behind the women in styling and remaining updated about fashion and beauty.

Personal grooming and looking neat and tidy are expected of both the man and woman. Trimming facial hair properly and stylishly is something that the man can look forward to for changing his look now and then!

Facial hair and beard styles can be used to the advantage of the man with guidance from experts to either accentuate the best features or to conceal the weaknesses.

In order to sport new looks by styling the facial hair and beard it is essential that certain basic skin care as well as beard grooming tips are  followed. Unless proper skin care is taken no facial hair styling will look good or have its effect.

Facial Hair Styles And Beard Styles For New Looks

Beard Grooming Tips

Beard styles can be done even by the self with proper caution and expertise. If you are not confident then you shouldn’t try it yourself but pay a visit to an expert who can suggest the right style and also do it for you. But certain simple yet trendy styles can be done easily by the self without depending much upon others.

Beard Grooming Tips

If you are of an obsessive type who needs to sport a clean look regularly then this will be bit hard for you. Beard styling will require growing a beard first without shaving it off for at least few days. You can definitely trim the beard to avoid looking unkempt.

Once the beard reaches the proper length it’s time to trim and style it. Using the right accessories and tools is very important or otherwise the right style won’t come out well. Few essential objects are a brush, a pair of scissors and beard trimmers. A good shaving kit should also be kept at hand.

It is as necessary to keep facial hair including beard and mustache clean just like scalp hair. Regular maintenance is necessary which means that once a style has been set on the beard it should be maintained well through proper trimming as beard keeps growing or else the style may be lost too soon even before it is noticed and appreciated.

Things to Consider For Facial Hair Styles

As already mentioned men have this advantage of using facial hair styles in the proper ways to either accentuate strengths or hide the weaknesses of facial features. To understand this we must first know the things we need to consider before selecting a facial hair style.

The shape of the face, the hair line, the length of the mouth, nose size, the area above the upper lip, facial hair texture, jaw and chin lines are some of the things that determine the kind of facial hair style suitable for each man.

Facial Hair Styles

Knowing these factors is very essential as an amateurish style will only spoil the look and may make a man the butt of ridicule. To avoid such blunders it is even recommended to take proper guidance from an expert.

Along with facial hair styling there is also the need to do proper hair styling and good maintenance of the skin. Only then the total facial effect will be stunning and appreciable.

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Beard Styles That You Can Consider Trying

Beard styles and facial hair styles have come down through the ages. Keeping specific styles of beard and moustache have also been a symbol of the age group, the socio economic status or the kind of profession a man holds.

Men in the army and military are usually found to sport mustaches styled in a particular way while young men are often found with more trendy styles.

Beard Styles

A full beard is the most conventional style which needs minimum maintenance. Some may keep it long or short according to personal choice. Stubble is just the unshaven beard of one or two days growth and sometimes this is often done carefully even by celebrities to sport a careless masculine look.

Goatee style consists of small patch of beard on the chin resembling that of a goat and this has become quite popular with men who are confident to experiment with their looks. Soul patch is a thin strip of beard beginning just below the lower lip and reaching towards the chin. Chinstrap is a thin lining of beard running on the periphery of the chin.

Beard styles are a part of fashion which keep changing and evolving to keep up with the most recent times and what is popular today may become outdated tomorrow. Hence remaining updated is the key word to have success with fashion and style.

Facial Hair Styles And Beard Style Tips For Different Facial Shapes

Round faces should go for beard styles that create the effect of length so that the face would look slimmer. Sideburns and whiskers should be avoided and if at all kept must be trimmed properly. Square faces can sport facial hair properly trimmed on all sides while an oblong face must take care that the beard or facial hair growth doesn’t become too long to make the face look longer.

Beard Style Tips For Different Facial Shapes

Large faces should keep both beard and mustache well trimmed and it’s recommended to tidy up the whiskers and sideburns if any. Some faces have pointed chins and to camouflage it keep a full beard or stubble.

Keep experimenting with your facial hair while keeping the basic recommendations and requirements in mind. Pamper yourself with a new look every week.

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