Fashion Tips For Men

Men are often believed to be casual when it comes to fashion. They generally put on any piece of cloth they lay their hands on. Irrespective of the on-going fashion trends and fads, men generally continue to dress up as casually as possible. But in this new era of metro sexuality, why should men lag behind in terms of fashion? Why should they not bother about their looks, their attire and their sense of style? So, mentioned below are a few tips for men on how they can be stylish, classy yet macho.

12 Stylish Fashion Tips For Men

Crisp Cotton Shirts

There is no garment which can flatter a man’s personality better than a shirt. A crisp cotton shirt with a pair of jeans can make any girl drool over a man. A simple shirt can look very trendy if worn over a nice t-shirt.

Fashion Tips For Men

Men’s shirts are available in various designs and shapes. Bright casual wear for an informal outing, formal shirts with a minimum design for office wear and semi-formal shirts for a smart look for any occasion.

Cargo Pants

Loose cargo pants either plain or six-pocketed are a perfect pick for a casual hang out with friends. They can be teamed up with casual, round or V-necked t-shirts for a superb mix of style and comfort. They are available in various colours like grey, black, white or military green. Even knee-length cargos are a rage among boys.


Smart V-necked pullovers look great on well built men accentuating their biceps and triceps. They can be put together with any smart lower such as a pair of decently fitted jeans, cargo pants or even smart trousers.

Capris Or Shorts

Fashion Tips For Men

Knee or calf length capris are another fashionable outfit for men. While young boys can go for more colourful and trendy shorts, older men can look happening in sombre shorts with plain t-shirts.

Scarves Or Stolls

Any simple pullover can be spiced up with a neatly wrapped scarf around the neck or a casual drape of a stoll. A scarf can be very innovatively used to increase the style quotient of any look. Matching or contrasting scarves can be used for a striking look.

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Be it a cow boy hat, a skull cap, a fedora or a kangol hat, any smart hat can be used to fill colors into a dull look. Cow boy hats look all the more interesting with cargos and kangol hats can be perfectly matched with more formal outfits like sweaters and pullovers.

Funky Belts

Fashion Tips For Men

There are numerous varieties of stylish belts ranging from leather to metal which add a lot of zing and a stylish appeal to the look. Big belts are in fashion these days.

Funky T-Shirts

Funky t-shirts with cool designs or quotes are very much liked by college going boys. Even t-shirts with cartoon characters are not only picked by kids but also teenager boys. Colourful well fitted t-shirts which are customised as per one’s own choice are the latest fad. Light and careful accessorising can always do the trick for any informal occasion. Anything like a big macho watch or a stud in the ear can enhance the style appeal.


This is one fashionable accessory which never goes out of fashion. Different styles of shades come and go but aviators remain the undisputed king of all sun glasses. Popularised during the Second World War as ‘’pilot’s sunglasses’’ and then sported by numerous male actors, aviators continue to be the most preferred sun glasses for men. A stylish and smart set of sunglasses can give a formidable look of manhood to any male.


A smart tuxedo is every man’s dream. Indeed, it should be as it is the smartest attire for men. A man of any built can look dashing in a well fitted tuxedo or a suit.

Fashion Tips For Men

All those men who find ready-made tuxedoes out of their budgets can get a smart suit stitched from a nice boutique. Suits can be worn by men for both formal as well as semi-formal occasions.

Waist Coat

It is another outfit really liked by men who wish to dress formally but not in the conventional tuxedoes. A waist coat gives the perfect combination of fashion and sophistication. But unfortunately many men end up looking like waiters in waist coats due to their wrong choice of the garment. So you better be careful when you visit a shop to buy a waist coat.


Jackets can turn any geek into a stud. Guys especially like to sport smart leather jackets on bikes. Even dinner jackets are a craze among young lads for a perfect semi formal look. Although men with a rugged look always rule the hearts of women but at times a little bit of fashion awareness can make this job much easier for them. All they need to do is to think for a moment before they pick an outfit.