13 Fashionable Linen Shirts For Men

13 Fashionable Linen Shirts For Men

Linen shirts for men are a great option to go for in hot summer days specially on outdoors. Though earlier it was considered as a fabric for Rich men due to it’s high expenses, but now days Linen comes in various types so that general could afford it and so now Linen is at everybody’s reach.

Linen is a plant fabric that is extracted from flax plant which helps to keep your body cool in the scorching heat of the summer. Linen shirts used to come in natural colours only as there was a limitation of vegetable dyes.But today thescenario has been changed and Linen is available in a wide range of dark fascinating colours and silhouette as well.

There are plenty of ways that you can put on linen shirts differently on different occasion. The right combo not only turns you to be fashionable dude and the hottest throb of the town but also let you enjoy summer smilingly.
Linen has been one of the most popular and comfortable fabrics from the ages. In earlier times Egyptian priest used wear linen garment while performing rituals.

Linen is a natural fabric made of flax plant. Fabrics which are derives from plants usually have some qualities such as, drain the heat, soak sweat and get dried soon.They are famous for it’s heat controlling power and so linen is the best fabric for warm climate.Linen comes in different clothing style such as shirts, pants or suits. But shirts proved to be the popular one. Linen shirts are good for short trips, or summer gatherings etc.

How To Wear Linen Shirts

Linen Shirts Should Not Be Skin Tight

It is better if you choose linen shirt a bit loose instead of being skin tight. Linen shirts don’t have elasticity so its foolish to choose a body-hugging shirt. The best way to check the right measurement is to wear a linen shirt and lift your arms upward if you feel comfortable, this measurement is for you.

line shirt

Team Up With A Natural Fibered Bottom

Its look odd if anyone pair a linen shirt with a polyester pant, synthetic fiber doesn’t go with natural fiber. It even affects your body when soothing linen shirt makes your upper side of the body cool and lower part sweaty due to synthetic fiber. Let your body breathe fully, with a linen shirt best pairing can be a cotton pant or ramie.

fiberd bottom

A Bit Slim Fit Linen Shirt Go well With Casual Pants

Little slim fit linen shirts are also available in the market.These shirts look fantastic while tucked in cotton, khaki or linen pants accessories with a leather belt. This style suit a person, who possess lean, trim or athletic physique.

line shirt with pent

Can Be Paired With Shorts or Capries

Some Linen shirts are designed in a way so that you can put it on comfortably with summer casual pants, such
as shorts or capris or even jeans etc. This style suits taller or larger men.


Where To Wear Linen Shirts

Apart from vocation or summer dates or other gatherings, you can put on linen shirts on the following

Beach Wedding

In beach wedding instead of traditional wedding suit go for Guayabera white linen shirt. The Mexian wedding shirt can also be team up by a pair of linen pant or a linen jacket goes well with a dressy look.

beach wedding

Office Casual

Office casual day is a good time to show off your fashion sense and class by a button down linen shirt,without a tie.

office casual

Dinner Dates

To look romantic on a dinner date or other evening activities, select a nice soft coloured linen shirt.

dinner suit

Summer Gatherings

There are so many gatherings occurs in summer,where a formal suit or tie look odd and grave to make it light you can opt for a linen shirt. Go with a linen shirt pair with a dress pant for classy yet fashionable look.

summer gathering

Top 6 Popular Linen Shirts

Linen Easy Camp Shirt

It is a great combo of cotton and linen and there is no doubt this shirt provides you a greater comfort on scorching summer.

linen shirt

It is available in plenty of colours from White to Blue sea, either Praying Mantis or Rambutan or even Twilight shadow.

Coastline Breezer Shirt

This shirt is made of washable linen; you can either opt for Natural, Blue Still or Stripes according to your preference. Its inner cuffs are painted in solid hue. It is a great pick for a romantic dinner date on summer evening or night outs.

brezeer shirt

El Guapo Stripe Shirt

This shirt is made of 100% linen and comes in stripes of different colours. This shirt is absolutely a heart stealer and looks amazing on a hot sunny day.

strip shirt

Martin Gordon Short Sleev Linen Shirt

Short sleeve is the speciality of this shirt. It is made of dyed linen and has front single pocket. It comes in an array of colours like lavender, pink, melon or yellow.

half shir

Guayabera Linen Shirt

This shirt is made of absolute natural linen. So it keeps your body cool in hot summer.

linen shirt 12

It is a perfect summer shirt for any occasion like wedding or the like. This shirt is a perfect combination of style and comfort at the same time.

Some Fashion Tips On Linen Shirts

As linen shirts wrinkles easily, not only hot iron could be a solution, either stream along with the hot iron or damp shirt could remove the creases or wrinkles. Another way is to starch the shirt and when get dry, iron it.Leather belt goes well with linen shirt. Belt should either thick or thin depends on the shirt. If the shirt is short better to use thin belt while for a tunic, go for thick.

Try skin coloured under garments,as linen shirts are mostly transparent, specially when sun lights falls on it. so skip printed underwear.You can distinct your look from semi-formal to casual by sleeves of the linen shirt. While long sleeves stands for an elegant and standard look, short sleeves are perfect for casual occasion.