Fashionable Shoelace Lacing Methods

Shoelace Lacing Methods There are various different ways in which you can lace your shoes. Lacing your shoes in diverse ways will make your shoes look more fashionable and trendy. You can also try doing different styles of lacing with different clothing.

Tying your shoelaces in varying ways also personalize your shoes and create a unique look. The following points will tell you about some popular shoelace lacing methods.

Crisscross Method

One of the most popular shoelace lacing methods is the criss cross method. In this method, the shoelaces are tied in a diagonal fashion starting from the opposite holes towards the top of the shoe. Bring the shoelace over and under the opposing loops to create the crisscross effect. Continue tying the shoelace in this manner till you reach the end of the loops. This method of tying shoelaces is a smart and trendy one.

Straight Lace Method

Another interesting way to tie your shoelaces is the straight lace method. In this method, start from the bottom hole on one end of the shoe and top hole on the other end of the shoe. Pass the shoelace from the two ends towards the middle till the shoe is completely laced. The shoelaces are passed through the holes in a horizontal fashion. The straight lace method creates a very interesting look that can be used in both casual as well as semi formal occasions.

 Fashionable Shoelace Lacing Methods

Lattice Method

The lattice method is another shoelace lacing method. For tying your laces in this method, the shoelace is crisscrossed one over the other through the holes. This creates the look of a lattice. It is an intricate design that needs a bit of patience. But once you tie your shoelaces in this way, it will give your shoes a stylish and fashionable look.

Alternative Straight Lace Method

The alternative straight lace method is a reverse of the straight lace method of tying shoelaces. In this method, the shoe laces are brought in and out of the hole by passing one end of the lace over one hole and the other end under the other hole. This shoelace lacing method is a fairly easy one but it will make your shoes look great and it can be tried with different kinds of outfits.

Tying a Bow

If you want to tie your shoelaces in a cute fashion, then tying a bow is an ideal method. In this method, the shoelace is taken through the top portion of the loops and then once you reach the middle of the shoe, you need to take out the shoe lace from opposite holes and then tie a bow.

This method of tying your shoelaces looks very cute as well as upbeat and stylish at the same time. While tying the bow,if you are worried that the bow would come loose, you can tie a double knot. This will help to set the bow in place so that it does not come undone.

All of the above discussed shoelace lacing methods are very simple yet trendy.

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