A Few Common-Sense Tips On How To Lose Weight

Few Common Tips On How To Loss Weight While half of world population is worried about unemployment, global warming, jobs and finding a right person to get married too; other half is busy fighting the bulge. Cellulite is as big a problem as nuclear weapons, all across the world.

This revolution of looking good and staying fit was always there and is here to stay. While most of the people are obsessed with weight loss other few are genuinely in need of a helping hand who would guide them with mind-blowing weight loss tips which work like magician’s wand. Most of them are common sense tips but then it is said common sense is not so common, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Tips On How To Lose Weight

Burn More Eat Less

Face it, accept it and implement it. If you really want to lose weight you have to lessen your current intake of calories. A few people complain that they have been exercising religious but not losing an ounce. Such people do not realise that they are probably not watching what they are eating. 

Burn More Eat Less

Exercising regularly isn’t your passport to sinful eating, not initially at least. For you to lose weight, your current diet while exercising has to be less than what you eat normally, if your target is weight loss.

Chew Don’t Gulp

How many times did your mommy asked you to chew your food properly? One of easiest thing you can do for weight loss is chew and chew a little more. Stomach, the lazy organ in our system takes a while to signal brain that it is already full, but by that time we have overeaten. So, you need chew every morsel till the time is watery, even if it doesn’t sent signal to your brain when to stop, you will definitely get bored of eating.

Eat In Front Of Mirror

Do you groan every time you look at mirror? Well then, this tip would help you to change that groan to a smile. While you eat looking at your reflection in mirror, you would be more conscious and eat wise.

Colour Blue And Weight-loss

Research has shown that colour blue is appetite suppressant. Use blue colour plates, bowls and try to wear colour, blue while eating.

Fluids And Lots Of Them

Models, actors and other celebrities swear by water. It is high time you try it out too.

Fluids And Lots Of Them

Drinking 7-8 glass of water not only will kill your illegitimate hunger but clear your system of toxins to give you that glowing skin. Worth an effort isn’t it?

Bid Bye To Eating At Restaurant

You would be surprise to know how much weight you can lose (and money saved) by lessening your trips to your favourite restaurant. Now you would argue that you eat same food that you eat at home, how would that matter? Well, in hotels food is cooked in extra oil and butter to give it an extra-ordinary taste. Also haven’t you noticed that you can gulp down that salad platter at restaurant while you frown at one at your home? Thanks to the dressing and calories it brings.

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Add More Spice To Your Life, Quite Literally

For our metabolism to trigger, we would need to give it that little push or add something as spicy as Capsaicin to act as catalyst.

Add More Spice To Your Life, Quite Literally

Intake of spicy food can speed up metabolism and suppress your desire to eat. So don’t feel shy to add that extra helping of spicy sauce or bit into chilly if you are on mission weight-loss.

Steer Clear Of Negative Emotions

Most of us like to fill us up when we are down. People tend to eat more when they are depressed or angry. Stuffing yourself with food is temporary solution to take your mind off the situation. But food intake at such times is mindless and we care little about calorie intake. You next time you reach for that hamburger, when you are angry, gulp a glass of water and take a walk in park with music on.



No matter what people say, there is no alternative to exercising. More so, if you would like to lose weight and maintain it ever after. Even a walking for briskly 45 mins daily can set the ball rolling. Exercising 4 days a week and watching what you eat can take you towards desired goal.

These simple tips would open up your path towards healthy living, weight loss will follow.