First Date Tips What Men Should Never Talk About To Women

A first date is meant to have fun and not making it nerve-racking, right? The most important first date rule is to start a conversation in a pleasant way and keep it smooth. There are many good things you can talk about after your introduction, such as your common interests or what you had done throughout the day. But are you aware of all the date-breakers you must not talk about?

First Date Tips What Men Should Never Talk About To Women

6 Things You Should Never Talk About On A First Date

The Boring ‘You’

If you have the tendency to boast of about yourself, your achievements and your ambitions, and go blah-blah very often, avoid doing it at least this time, as she would not be interested. Remember that she has come to meet you to know you and not to listen to your memoirs. A simple introduction about yourself would be great. Allow her to express herself comfortably and listen to her passionately. She will feel special when she is focused well.

Past Relationships

Did you have a great time during the vacation with your ex-girlfriend once? Are you depressed since you were ditched by a female last week? Probably, but the amazing girl before you doesn’t need to know it right now! Never talk about your previous relationships and live in the past during your first date.

Bad Mouth

No woman appreciates a man using foul language, nor does the woman in front of you. Even if you are talking about something or someone you dislike extremely, go easy. Never use bad words, especially if you are describing your previous girlfriends.

First Date Tips What Men Should Never Talk About To Women

She wouldn’t like to imagine you speaking ill about her in case you break up with her one day. Also, speak politely to the waiter – it counts!

Politics, Sports And Religion

Like most women, she may not have inclination towards politics, religion and sports. Besides, your political and religious views may not match hers. It is best to avoid talking on these subjects. After all, you have not come all the way to meet to discuss on social issues. Just give a hint on your interests and talk about yourselves.

Sorry, I’M A Patient

You may be suffering from a prolonged illness or injury, but don’t disappoint her by revealing it right away! At the same time, don’t lie about your health condition. Leave it for the moment so that you can explain about it casually next time you meet her.

How About A Dirty Chat

She might have dazzled your eyes with stunning looks at the first sight, but don’t try converting your conversation into an erotic talk. A candid talk on sex at the first date is a strict no-no. Hot talks and adventures can be taken up later in your relationship.

A first date can be successful when you know what to talk and what not to. Talk to her about her feelings, dreams and goals, and put her at ease. You will also have a good chance to know how much of her expectations do you match. Once she expresses herself and feels relaxed, she will gain interest on knowing more about you. Next, be ready for a second date with her!