Five Advantages Of Verbal Communication

 Advantages Of Verbal Communication Communication has different forms. Each form of communication has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible to ignore the importance of communication in our daily lives. Communication is also important for increasing social network. Let us take the case of a political party. If people are not aware of the existence of a particular political party, they will not vote in favour of that party. Even though we use various forms of written communication, most of the times, we communicate verbally with our friends, family, office mates and so on.

Further, it becomes difficult for any company to carry on or expand its business without communicating or interacting with its vendors, shareholders, customers, employees and various external parties.

For Instance, if a company operating in one state is not able to inform customers in other states of the various products and services offered by the company, it will be difficult for the company to earn any revenue from other states.

Five Advantages of Verbal Communication

Verbal Communication is Fast

One of the major advantages of verbal communication is that it travels much faster than other means of communication. A person intending to deliver a quick message will always prefer to communicate orally.

In case quick decisions are required to made, verbal communication is the most preferred method of communicating decisions. This form of communication helps to save time considerably by delivering message to the recipient almost instantly.

Verbal Communication is Easy to Understand and facilitates Fast Interpretation

It may be difficult to understand a message through a letter or a mail as it may require further interpretation or knowledge on the subject matter.

When a message is delivered orally, the recipient can obtain relevant knowledge on the spot which may result in fast understanding of the subject matter. Any kinds of problems or queries can be resolved at the time of communication only.

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Verbal Communication can be Expressed

While communicating verbally, it becomes easier for the communicator to make use of his/herbody language in conveying the message. Various types of postures and gestures can be used to make the audience comfortable making it easier for them to understand the message.

Verbal Communication generates Quick Response

Verbal communication facilitates quick response from the recipient. Hence, it results in better flow of information between the communicator and the receiver. Verbal communication helps in reducing the delays that may take place on account of no response from the receiver.

Verbal Communication generates Immediate Feedback

Since the message is transmitted almost instantly, verbal communication helps in obtaining quick feedback from the recipients. It becomes easier for the communicator to judge how well the message was conveyed to the target audience.

It also helps him/her to analyze the reaction of the target audience. Any kind of negative response can be immediately observed by the communicator. This type of feedback can help the communicator in improving his/her presentation and communication skills.

Even though verbal communication has its own advantages, it is preferable to use appropriate combination of various mediums in order to obtain better results.

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