Five Enemies Of A Weight Loss Program

If you are seduced by the thoughts of rippling muscles, broad shoulders and a ‘V’ shaped figure that women want to cling on to and decide to go for a weight loss program to achieve it.  After a few days you find it difficult to follow the program  and confused  by the fact that there is much more  needed rather than told and  your mind and body  force you to quit or leave the program . There are certain enemies to all such efforts. Fear not, here are  tips to  fight with the  five most common enemies to any weight loss program.

Enemies Of A Weight Loss Program

Too Much Too Soon,setting Unrealistic Targets

Beginners often think that they will stick to the weight loss plan and will get the desired shape with in no time and set un realistic target. They start calorie counting for every thing they eat and start heavy work outs for a long time. After a week or two this results in sore muscles , physical weakness  and confused mind and , you quit from the program.

Weight Loss Program

This is not the right way . Never set a target for weight lose program .You should take it easy ,prepare  a well balanced diet plan as per your need and  liking and begin with moderate exercises. A 35  to 40 minutes session of brisk walking and exercise ,five times a week is enough. Remember the moral of cat and rat race  story, that slowly  and steady wins the race , and for you its like slowly and steadily will gain the  desired  shape.

Weak Determination/concentration

Most of the people have the tendency to chase each and every thing without thinking of their need and determination. If you start weight loss plan just because someone else is doing , or you have heard or read something about it ,then there are all the chance that you will fail, because its not your determination  or desire but you are simply a copy cat . Weight loss is a serious affair which need patience, concentration and will power.

If you don’t think about what you are doing you are wasting your time and you will not get benefits . To achieve  proper results , if you are determine this time prepare a  workable diet and exercise plan, keep it in focus all the time  and have patience. Certainly you will feel the difference.

Drinking Less Water

A whole lot of people want to lose weight but every one ignores the importance of water, and how not drinking a sufficient quantity badly effects your weight loss program.

Some people drink less water due to habit, but some of them due to a delusion ,that after vigorous exercise sessions how much they have loss by sweating they will regain it . Its not true. Our body cells have a tendency to store water if there is not sufficient intake and result in adverse fatning.

Drinking Less Water

Be clear in mind,  and  drink at least eight to ten glasses of water per day. It will accelerate the rate of weight loss . Apart from weight loss ,water helps you in many ways ,such as flushing of your colons  or balance your mineral level etc.

Misconception About Diet

Normally whenever you go for weight lose program, you get instructions  and advices from every one to make an ideal diet and say no to almost everything you like.

A plan with zero fats, no carbohydrates, no junk food etc. etc. This is the biggest mistaken belief and your body needs all this for energy , for muscles and for overall  fitness . An other misconception about diet plan  is  to think for nutrients only and forget about taste and liking .  A few  eye opener facts about diet in a weight lose program are

a. Low Calorie Diets are of no use in a weight lose programe . In fact, low calories  intake  will slow down your body’s fat burning process , and will trash all prospects of losing weight . However,  initially  for few days, it may work and you may loss some weight, but after that it will stop. This is dieting  plateau situation.   No one can loss weight by starving himself/ herself.

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b. Low carb diets helps is a big misconception. It is really hard to lose weight following a low carb diet plan.  For  a common man , these low carb diet plans are too strict and  its very difficult to go with them .In addition  Low carb plans deprive your body of too much energy and force you to quit from your weight loss program.
All these misconceptions and  unpractical advises are the biggest hurdle of any weight loss program and almost seventy percent people leave the program midway, and that too with a gilt in their mind that they are the failures. Neither all carbohydrates are bad nor  all fats are your enemy , the point is that you have to be selective and calculative with your diet.

low carb diet plan

Your body needs all , but you need to make sure you are eating the right food , right quantity at right time.

This time whenever you go for a weight lose program, prepare a diet plan keeping in mind the key line ,that total daily calorie you gain should be ten to fifteen percent less than you burn everyday. You can go for anything you like but in moderate quantity . you make a diet chart and fill it daily and calculate. If some day or days you can’t follow the plan ,chill ,and compensate the extra calories next day by diet or by extra workout .This way  the weight loss plan will not tease you like in past, and you can adhere to it  and make it a success.

Technicaly Wrong Workouts

Most of the time people do follow workout techniques which are obsolete now a days or do follow the wrong procedure for right technique. Some have the wrong belief that running or  walking faster or quick workouts are better and right way of exercise. It lack of understanding because momentum does the work for muscle building and for a general weight lose program , the slower the better.

If you include full sit ups in your program then you are wasting your time. Seventy percent of movement in a complete sit up works to obscure the muscles called hip flexors and put massive strain to your back. For a perfect abdominal curl , all you need is four to five  inches   movement .You should take your time over each movement

Try to follow your weight lose program in technically correct manner under supervision of an expert to get maximum benefit.  There are tailor made weight loss program and you should take advantage of them.

In a nutshell winning these problems  is not difficult. This time start your weight loss program with determination. Take advantage of these incredible solutions to meet your weight and health goals.