Five Exercises For Chiseled Triceps

Triceps are the muscles that are located at the back of your upper arm, right behind the biceps. If you are a fitness freak and a regular at a gym then you must have seen bodybuilders working out to enlarge the muscles of their arms.

To get the complete toned and muscular look, it is advisable that you work on your triceps muscles as well. Given below are the top five triceps exercises that you should perform in accordance with your biceps work out and ensure full arm muscle growth.

Exercises For Chiseled Triceps


You will require horizontal bars for this exercise. Stand in the middle of two bars and hold them firmly. Buy and wear a pair of fitness gloves if your palms sweat. Slowly lift yourself on the bars and interlock your ankles.

Exercises For Chiseled Triceps

Keep your back straight and inhale. Balancing your body weight on your palms, go down gradually so that your triceps become parallel to the floor.

Hold the position for five seconds, exhale and move up. This would be one dips repetition, do at least five reps in a set to start with. This is the best triceps exercise so make the most of it.

Decline Triceps Press

This exercise gives optimum output if done in succession to a biceps exercise. Lie down on an inclined bench and keep your head towards the floor. Hold a dumbbell tightly in each hand and bend your elbows. Keep the dumbbells close to your ears and exhale deeply.

triceps press with doumbell

Push the dumbbells upwards till your hands are straight and hold the stance for five seconds. Inhale and pull them down. Make sure the movement is smooth and that your hands should not move out of the motion. This exercise is a difficult one so start with less weight.

Bench Dips

You can perform this at home as well. Stand with your back to a bench and slowly bend to hold it with both your hands. Stretch the rest of your body and keep the back straight. You can also elevate your legs if you want.

Exercises For Triceps

Then just like the dips exercises you learnt above, put all your body weight on your arms and move downwards. Inhale while you move down and exhale while coming back. This is a complimentary exercise and should be performed last.

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Cable Rope Triceps Press

A cable rope is employed to work on this exercise. Stand with your back to the cable rope machine and hold the rope in one hand behind your shoulder.

Cable Rope Triceps Press

Insert less weight at start and pull the rope upwards. Keep the motion smooth and do not jerk. Inhale while you pull the rope upwards and exhale while you return to the default position. Do five reps and then try with the other hand. Increase the weight steadily.

Dips Machine

This machine is solely made for triceps and works effectively. Sit on the machine chair with a straight back and hold the grabs. Pull the grabs upwards and inhale while you do so. Stay in that position for ten seconds or so and return to the starting position. Start with five reps in a set.

tricep dips machine

All of these exercises help in complete development of triceps muscles so choose whichever suits you the best, follow the instructions carefully and exercise regularly.