Five Important Management Skills

Important Management Skills Management plays a crucial role in the achievement of business goals and objectives. Management decisions are critical to the way business activities are carried out.

Every manager is required to have certain skills to perform the assigned tasks .  It is important for an organization to develop effective managers by providing them with requisite knowledge and training.

Different managers may have different skills and it is important for every company to identify and focus on developing skills critical to business operations.

Five Important Management Skills

Future Oriented and Good at Planning

Effective managers should have strong planning skills. Managers are expected to lay down plans for their departments or divisions. These plans form the basis for different activities to be carried out.

Hence, managers are required to be future oriented in order to develop strong plans. They need to identify the problems that may arise in the near future and develop plans and strategies accordingly. Further they should develop realistic plans and standards which can be used for performance measurement and evaluation.

Ability to develop Strong Relationships

Effective managers must to have strong relationship building skills. They develop quick relations with different stakeholders (internal and external) and focus on maintaining these relationships with the overall objective of accomplishing organizational goals and objectives.

With strong relationships across various functions, they are able to get things done without facing resistance and difficulty.

Strong relationships are developed by extending support (to different departments, divisions, processes, employees and so on) during critical times and communicating openly and honestly throughout the organization.

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Ability to Face Challenges

Effective managers are not afraid of changing conditions. They should always be prepared to accept challenges (in the form of new work, responsibilities and so on) as and when they come.

Organizational environment keeps on changing and accordingly duties and responsibilities handled by managers may also keep on changing from time to time.

A manager should be able to adapt to these changing conditions for the benefit of the organization as a whole. At the same time, managers should keep themselves updated on various changes taking place within and outside the organization.

Leadership Skills

Effective managers should have strong leadership skills. He/She should be able to motivate the employees and act as a role model for them. He/She should be able to inspire employees through his/her activities and decision making abilities.

By listening to employee grievances and providing timely resolution to their concerns and issues, he/she can establish an atmosphere of trust and confidence within the team which is critical for the success of any business function.

Communication Skills

Ability to communicate effectively is an important skill that every manager should posses.  To communicate effectively, a manager should be a good listener. He/She should be able to manage both upward and downward communication.

Managers need to communicate important policies and plans developed by senior management and hence it becomes very important for a manager to understand the importance of effective communication.

By using various communication channels, a manager can act as an effective intermediator between senior and lower management, thereby facilitating free flow of information.