Five Important Skills For A Sales Manager

Five Important Skills For A Sales Manager Without sales no company can expect to carry its business for a long period of time. Revenue is required to meet expenses which a company has to incur to run its day to day business operations. A company may have other sources of funds, but without earning any sales revenue, these funds may soon get depleted.

Effective sales can take place only when sales process is handled by an effective sales team. Different organizations may follow different hierarchical structures. A sales team may comprise of a sales manager, team leader and sales executives.

Five Key Skills of a Sales Manager

Customer Oriented

In business customer is the king.  A sales manager should always focus on satisfaction of his/her customers. By maintaining  constant communication with the customers during the sales process.

A sales manager gains confidence and credibility in the mind of customers which may further help him/her to increase his/her customer base through word of mouth publicity. It is very important for a sales manager to avoid false commitments while engaging in sales transactions.

Relationship Oriented

With so much increase in competition, retaining customer has become a very difficult task for any organization. Moreover, organizations which fail to satisfy customers have less chances of survival.

By building trust and maintaining a healthy relationship with customers, a sales manager can ensure better results for the organization as a whole.

In simple words, a sales manager should focus on long term relationships with his/her customers rather than focusing on one time sales. Not only with customers, a sales manager should also maintain strong relationships internally within different departments.

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Leadership Skills

Every manager is expected to have leadership skills. Similar is the case with a sales manager. To effectively contribute to the organization’s revenue, a sales manager should posses skills which are valued by his/her team members.

Quick decisions and active support to team members often results in high morale and motivation for the team members, making them more responsible for delivering expected results. Every sales team is provided with specific sales targets and in the absence of a highly skilled leader, it becomes difficult to achieve the expected results.

Open and Flexible

Sales is a result driven process. It is a process which is constantly under the scanner of top management. An effective sales manager should be open in his/her communications with the management and with his/her own team.

He/She should be open to criticism and should be flexible while handling employee issues. Too much work pressure on subordinates can result in negative results which may affect his/her reputation. Similarly a sales manager should be open in his/her communication with the customers.


Making sales requires coordination in order to ensure timely dispatch of goods by the inventory department, for timely issuance of invoice by the accounts department, and with customer sales service to ensure that after sales services are performed on time.

A sales manager should establish proper channels of communication to make sure that all these activities are carried out in accordance with the time schedules.

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