Fly Ezzy 4 Dual SIM Phone Price And Review

Fly, the mobile company has come up with a basic phone which is both, simple and easy to use – Fly Ezzy 4 DuaL SIM Phone. The first look of this phone is impressive considering the fact that it has a specific customer base to impress. Come lets take a closer look as to what Fly Ezzy 4 dual SIM has to offer.

Features Of Fly Ezzy 4 Dual SIM Phone


Fly Ezzy 4 is a candy bar phone. The phone looks muscular and sublime at the same time. This phone has large buttons and a complimenting screen making the combination look neat and clear.

Fly Ezzy 4 Dual SIM Phone

The external body of the phone is made of rubber and plastic making the hand held grip superior to any phone in the market today. The phone is aptly limited to 118.5 x 57.5 x 15.5 mm in dimensions.


Fly Ezzy 4 dual SIM phone has a display measuring 2.4 inches diagonally. The display screen is TFT and exceptionally bright. The fonts displayed are large to be legible easily. The way text is displayed on the screen is charming and can be well read by people with impaired vision or old age. This phone offers 320 x 240 mm resolution.   Internals

Fly Ezzy 4 has an industry standard chipset and processor. It has a Java based operation system and is found to be stable in terms of performance delivery.


Fly Ezzy 4 dual SIM phone supports SMS only. Features like MMS and email are not supported. USSD code can be run on this phone for availing service provider services.


Fly Ezzy 4 has a 1.3 MP camera. The photos clicked from the camera look decent on phones TFT display. The digital zoom is 3x. Video shooting scores average, too.


The dual SIM mobile product from Fly is a basic one, which gives ordinary connectivity options. The phone supports WAP and GPRS, which are low speed connections today.

Fly Ezzy 4 Dual SIM Phone Features

The phone does not support Bluetooth, Wi-FI or Infra Red connection options. However, Fly Ezzy has a dual SIM support in standby mode.


Fly Ezzy 4 supports external memory. The phone comes along with a 4GB card and offers support of up to 32 GB via the external card.

Other Features

Fly Ezzy 4 has a stand out feature of making emergency contact to pre-programmed numbers. It also has an in-built radio for listening to FM. This phone supports most of the media formats for music and videos. The loud speaker sound is decent, although the same sound is better heard via the ear phones that come along the package.

Another value for money feature is the TV tuner. As the name suggests, this feature allows you to view any TV channel on demand. Apart from these, standard personalization options like reminders, alarms, and calculator are present by default. Considering the fact, that this is a phone the features have been pumped up to the limits.

Battery Power

Fly Ezzy 4 comes with a 1000mAH Lithium Ion battery. Standby time for the batter is 400 hours and talk time is 5 hours. This dual sim cell phone can, thus, continuously play music for as long as 6 hours.


Due to its pricing which is less than $80, the phone enters a very stiff and stern phone market of simple and straight forward mobiles. Features like SOS, TV tuner and large display should be enough for FLY Ezzy 4 dual SIM phone to win over customers and become a successful phone.