Foods That Trigger Herpes Outbreak

Foods That Trigger Herpes Outbreak Herpes virus is known to affect the immune system in a negative way, causing outbreaks of herpes. It has been found that the kinds of foods you consume and stress levels play an important role in triggering this condition.

Foods  To Trigger a Herpes Outbreak


If you suffer from the herpes simplex virus, it is recommended that you limit the amount of peanuts you consume, as they are known to trigger an outbreak of herpes. It has been found that foods containing the amino acid named arginine cause the replication of the cells, thereby allowing the herpes virus to be more active.

However, the amino acid named lysine is known to oppose arginine, thereby suppressing herpes outbreaks. It has been found that foods which have a higher lysine to arginine ratio have a significantly less chance of causing an outbreak of herpes. The lysine content in peanuts is around 140-150 mg whereas, the amount of arginine in the same, is around 1400-1600 mg per serving.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are also known to play a significant role in triggering outbreaks of herpes. This is because of the high content of arginine. The ratio of lysine to arginine is around 0.25, which is very low. Therefore, it is advisable to lower your consumption of nuts and seeds, in order to prevent outbreaks of herpes.


Products that contain Wheat, such as Wheat Bread, Wheat germ and the cream of wheat, are known to be a major cause for herpes outbreaks. Although wheat is known to be good source of vitamins and minerals, the arginine content in wheat is high, which causes an outbreak of herpes. Wheat is known to contain around 1400 mg of arginine.

Trigger Herpes Outbreak

Grape Juice

It has been found that the lysine-arginine ratio of grape juice is around 0.21. Grapes are known to contain a high amount of arginine, unlike other fruits. Therefore, it is known to trigger outbreaks of herpes. If you suffer from the herpes virus, you must consume vegetable juice or milk instead of grape juice as they contain lower amounts of arginine.


It has been found that excess consumption of sugar is one of the leading causes of herpes. This is because the excess sugar prevents the white cells in the body from killing the harmful microorganisms. Almost all candies, whether soft or hard, contain a great amount of sugar. Stress is also another cause of herpes. Candies, which are high in sugar, prevent the body from absorbing B vitamins that help you to cope with stress. Therefore, it is advisable that you avoid eating candies if you suffer from herpes.


In addition to the amount of sugar present in Chocolate, it has also been found to be a rich source of arginine. This causes the herpes virus to keep multiplying, which leads to breakouts of herpes.

If you suffer from herpes, you must limit the consumption of chocolate and other sweet foods. After reading about these foods that cause an outbreak of herpes, it is advisable that you avoid the consumption of these foods in order to prevent these symptoms from occurring