Foods To Avoid For Pancreatitis Patients

Foods To Avoid For Pancreatitis Pancreas is an organ in the human body which is a part of the digestive system. This organ is responsible for the production of insulin. Insulin is needed by the human body for the breakdown of sugars, which provide the body with energy.

Apart from this, the pancreas is also responsible for the production and secretion of several enzymes which aid the process of digestion. The inflammation of the pancreas is medically referred to, as pancreatitis. This inflammation can be acute in several cases, thus causing a great deal of discomfort to the patient. There are also chronic cases of pancreatitis which last for long periods of time.

Pancreatitis causes problems in the process of digestion and so it is extremely important to watch your diet while you are suffering from this problem. There are certain foods that are very difficult to digest and they must be avoided during the course of this ailment.

Alcoholic Drinks

Studies have proved that alcohol is very difficult to digest, especially in cases where the functioning of the pancreas has been negatively affected. In the case of acute or chronic pancreatitis, one must refrain from consuming alcohol in any form. It has also been proved that alcohol is responsible for the occurrence of pancreatitis and this is why people should limit their alcohol consumption. This will help to prevent the inflammation of the pancreas.

Acidic Foods

There are many food items which trigger the symptom of pain that often occurs due to pancreatitis. Some of these foods are sour gravies, sour sauces, corn and organ meat. If you suffer from pancreatitis, you must refrain from consuming any acidic food items. This could aggravate the pancreas, giving rise to severe pain.

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Sugary Foods

If you are suffering from a case of pancreatitis, you must avoid the consumption of any sugary foods, as far as possible. Eating sugary foods causes an increase in the blood sugar level in the body. The pancreas is responsible for the production of insulin which balances the sugar level in the blood. On a normal basis, the pancreas is able to efficiently counter this increase in the blood sugar.

However, if a person is suffering from pancreatitis, it becomes very difficult for the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin. This results in severe discomfort as the pancreas is forced to work when it is inflamed. The patient can also suffer from severe pain due to this.


Starchy foods such as rice and bread contain significant amounts of carbohydrates. When they are consumed in sufficient amounts, it becomes very difficult for the body to digest them. The pancreas fails to produce sufficient enzymes and juices that are needed for the digestion of such foods. This causes pain and indigestion.

Fatty Foods

Red meat, butter, cheese, mayonnaise and other fatty foods must be avoided, if you are suffering from pancreatitis. These foods cannot be digested easily by the body, especially when the pancreas has been affected. Pancreatitis patients must choose healthier food options such as whole grains, fish and vegetables.