Forearm Stretches For Strengthening Forearms

Your forearm consists of three main muscle groups. These muscles help in moving your wrists inwards and outwards and they control the function of the elbows. When these muscles become stiff and tight due to overuse or lack of enough activity, you feel pain and tension in your wrists and forearms that is known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Stiffness and pain in forearm restrict your hand and arm movements and you feel handicapped while performing simple tasks like lifting an object or holding anything in your hands. Most workout regimes overlook the importance of forearm stretches for strengthening forearms; you must perform exercises that target the forearm muscles in order to keep them strong and flexible. Do these exercises twice a day regularly for strengthening forearms.

Exercises for Strengthening the Forearm

Wrist Extensions

Your wrists are involved in performing almost every task like typing, holding the mouse of your computer and while working in the kitchen etc. These muscles are often overworked and you may feel pain and stiffness in your wrists. To keep your wrists flexible and supple, you can do this exercise at any time of the day.

In a sitting or standing position; stretch your right arm in front of you with your palm facing downwards. Hold the fingers with your left hand and bend them backwards as much as you can, you will feel the stretch in your forearm, hold for a few seconds and come back to starting position. Do it 10 times. Repeat on the other side.

Wrist Extensions

Do the same stretches with your palms facing upwards. This time hold the fingers with one hand and bend them inwards as much as you can. Repeat on both the hands to strengthen your forearms.

Hand Grips

A tight grip is essential for holding on to anything while doing your everyday chores. If you do not practice grip tightening exercises, then the muscles of your hands tend to become rigid which may loosen your grip.

Hand Grips

You can buy a hand gripper and practice on it twice a day every day. Begin by doing the grips 5-10 times in one session and gradually increase it to 25 times. It will help to strengthen the forearm muscles and make them flexible and supple.

Wrist Rolls

While sitting or standing, close your hands to make a fist and stretch the arms in front of you. Roll your wrists clockwise and anticlockwise 10-20 times on each side. Relax.

Wrist Rolls exercises

In the same position, bend your wrists down, feel the stretch in your forearm, stay for a few seconds then bend the wrists upwards, this time you will feel the stretch in the inner forearm. Do it 10 times and relax.

The Plank Pose

This exercise works to strengthen the whole of your forearms. Lie down on your stomach on a firm mattress; bend your arms with your elbows close to the chest. Inhale deeply and slowly lift your body off the floor, lift your legs while keeping the toes on the ground and straighten your arms to bring your weight on the hands. Place your palms firmly on the ground. Stay in the pose for 5 seconds, exhale and come back to starting position. Repeat to complete three rounds.