Formal Grooming Dos And Don’ts

Formal dressing etiquette and grooming has become mandatory to abide by the corporate norms in the respective professional fields. Formal wear is expected at any formal events and men usually get more reasons to use formal wear than women do. From formal parties to business meetings or social events like wedding or a ball, men need to be well informed and well dressed in their suitable formal wear.

Formal grooming renders a finishing touch to the total formal appearance we want to create to impress upon our clients and also improve our own credibility as a professional or an individual. Formal grooming goes hand in hand with formal dressing sense and there are certain essential dos and don’ts which we must remember in order to create the best effect without tampering it in any possible ways. Understand formal grooming and the important dos and don’ts to create a complete impressive formal effect.

Formal Grooming

Most men will dress up well in formal wear keeping every little thing in order but the worst mistake that may spoil the whole effect is lack of formal grooming. Yes, grooming is very important both personally and formally. Grooming is not restricted to the fairer sex as the modern metro sexual man needs to be equally impressive and convincing through their etiquette and appearance.

Formal Grooming Dos And Don’ts

Just like personal grooming formal grooming includes developing all the etiquettes required to go along with our dress to complete your personality. Grooming in simplest way means taking proper personal care which can be personal hygiene, proper dental care and shine, good breath, clean look, hair and appearance in proper order and choosing and carrying accessories in a proper fashion. Grooming makes you presentable and desirable in the outside world without which you may not be even listened to even if you have talents.

Formal Grooming Dos

Face And Skin

If you feel women need to do more skin care then it’s a wrong concept. Given the texture, hair growth and oiliness of your skin it becomes mandatory that men take good care of their face and skin by following a regular skin care regime. Just follow a simple short routine which will be enough to make you look fresh, clean and glowing. Wash your face twice at least daily with a good face wash. Take extra care of your skin if it’s very oily.

Proper Shaving

Formal Grooming Dos And Don’ts

Keep a clean shaven look or keep your facial hair well trimmed and maintained. If you want to sport a beard or a moustache then keep it in proper shape and style.

Body Cleansing And Controlling Body Odor

Regular proper hygiene is mandatory. Take a good refreshing bath followed with a gentle masculine body spray or cologne. If you are in a very cold country and taking regular bath is difficult then you should take proper steps to control body odor. Compared to females males sweat much more thereby body odor may become a serious issue if you don’t handle it properly.

Dental Hygiene To Avoid Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common problem which can be combated with proper dental hygiene. However, sometimes other health problems may cause bad breath for which proper treatment may be necessary. Teeth bleaching to sport pearl white dents are a popular grooming idea.

Proper Hair Style

Formal Grooming Dos And Don’ts

Maintain your hair by keeping it well trimmed and use a style that suits your personality, age and profession. Don’t use a style just because it looks cool on somebody else. Your wrong choice of hair style may spoil the whole formal look.

Proper Formal Dressing Sense

Of course it comes without saying yet a mention must be made whatsoever that proper choice of formal wear is most important. Select color, size and style most intelligently keeping in mind your profession or kind of formal occasion. Proper fit is very important while black or brown trousers with white or light colored shirts look best on men for formal occasions and also for work.

Formal Wear Don’ts

Don’t Use Loud Perfume

Loud perfume is complete no for formal occasion as it means bad taste thereby spoiling your credibility. Spray not more than two or three times and use the spray on appropriate places like neck and back of your wrists which produce more heat to make the scent stay longer.

Don’t Use Casual Jewelry

Take off your casual jewelry like body piercings and other heavy jewelry even if you love them. Flaunt them in most casual occasions but not with formal wear as the whole meaning of formal dress code gets spoilt.