Four Common Causes Of Fever

Causes Of Fever Fever occurs when the body temperature of a person rises beyond the normal level. Most medical experts consider the average normal body temperature of a person to be anywhere between ninety eight and one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

Any temperature reading higher than this indicates that the person is suffering from fever. In most cases, fever is not something to be very worried about. It is often an indicator of an infection in the body. Once the infection is treated with the help of medication, the symptom of fever also disappears and the patient gets relief from it.

However, fever must not be left untreated. If it is allowed to rise very high, it can cause severe damage to the cells which are present in the brain. The person could then go into a coma which could even result in death. Fever can be caused by a variety of reasons and it is important to detect the cause of the problem before attempting to treat it with the help of medication.

Four Common Causes Of Fever


Influenza is commonly known as flu. This condition is caused by the presence of a viral infection in the body of the affected person. Such an infection is extremely contagious and can spread from sick people to healthy people at a very rapid rate.

Healthy people are advised to stay away from those who are suffering from influenza due to this reason. Fever is one of the symptoms of influenza. When the body is infected with the flu virus, the immune system launches an attack against it by increasing the temperature of the body. When this happens, the person feels feverish and weak.

Common Cold

A common cold can also cause a person to suffer from fever. The virus which is responsible for causing a common cold triggers a response from the immune system of the human body.

Causes Fever

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This causes an elevation in the body temperature of the person. In most cases, the fever associated with a common cold is rather mild and goes a few degrees above normal. However, it is important to monitor the fever till it goes away completely.

Bacterial or Viral Meningitis

Meningitis is a life-threatening condition which affects the brain and the spinal cord. It causes the person to suffer from very high fever which can even result in death. Meningitis must be treated in its early stages as this gives the patient a chance to recover.

Meningitis can occur due to certain kinds of bacteria and viruses. The linings of the brain and spinal cord become infected and inflamed due to the infection. This results in the symptom of fever.

Kidney and Bladder Infections

Such infections also cause the person to suffer from fever. In such cases, the patient might also suffer from radiating pain in the lower portion of the back.

Such infections occur when the lining of the kidney or urinary bladder becomes inflamed and painful. Such infections take quite a while to heal up completely. Once the infection subsides completely, the symptom of fever also disappears.

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