Four Common Causes Of Osteoarthritis

Four Common Causes Of Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis. It affects millions of people all over the world. Osteoarthritis normally affects those who are older than forty years of age. This condition affects the joints in various parts of the body.

The cartilage that is present between the bones starts dissolving and this affects the movement of the joints in a negative way. Osteoarthritis causes the patient to suffer from severe pain and discomfort while moving the affected joints.

As the disease advances, the patient finds it difficult to move around and do basic things such as climbing stairs. This condition thus has a crippling effect on the patient. Osteoarthritis normally affects the hips and back of a person.

There are several causes of this condition. In some cases, osteoarthritis is caused by an injury in a particular joint. In other cases, conditions such as obesity and diabetes can also give rise to the problem of osteoarthritis.

4 Common Causes Of Osteoarthritis


Injuries can cause the problem of osteoarthritis. People who have suffered from injuries in the back, hips or knees can develop osteoarthritis in the affected area. When the area is injured, the cartilage between the joints starts dissolving at a rapid rate and this affects the movement of these joints.

In the case of the spinal cord, the vertebrae shift out of place and the cartilage between them starts breaking down. This causes the problem to become very severe. In many cases, it is not so easy to detect such injuries even with the help of an x-ray. The condition of the affected joint only becomes obvious after the disease has progressed to a good extent.

Genetic factors

Genetic factors play a very important role in the case of osteoarthritis. Those who have a family history of this condition are more likely to develop this condition than other people. There are certain factors in the genetic build-up of certain people that increase their chances of developing this condition. Spinal osteoarthritis is one form of osteoarthritis which is very dependent on genetic factors.

Incorrect Posture

Incorrect posture can also cause the problem of osteoarthritis. In such cases, the spinal cord and hips are affected by this condition. People who slouch while they are sitting tend to develop such problems as their bones go out of alignment.

This causes the destruction of the cartilage lining between the bones of the joints. It is extremely important to maintain a proper posture at all times as this reduces the chances of developing osteoarthritis.

Other Health Conditions

Diabetes can also cause the problem of osteoarthritis. This condition affects the entire body, including the joints and makes them rigid. This causes the person to suffer from pain and discomfort.

Obesity can also have a disastrous effect on the health of the joints. When the body weight of a person is too much, the joints are unable to bear the weight and this causes the destruction of the cartilage lining between them. Lyme disease can also cause the person to develop osteoarthritis.

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