Four Common Causes Of Snoring

Snoring Snoring is a very common problem which normally affects adults. However, snoring among young children and teenagers is also not uncommon. Snoring affects almost half of the population of the world. It can be quite an aggravating problem even for the people who are living with the patient.

In many cases, snoring is not an indicator of anything serious. However, if the problem of snoring is persistent and is rather loud, it is important to investigate further regarding its cause. Snoring can be an indicator of other serious health disorders such as obesity, heart trouble, lung disorders and deformities in the air passages. Once the cause of the problem is dealt with, the problem of snoring eventually subsides.

Various Causes Of Snoring

Excessive Body Weight

People who are obese tend to snore more loudly and more frequently than those who do not have excessive body weight. If you are obese and suffer from the problem of snoring, it is important to bring your weight under control as quickly as possible. Obesity triggers snoring due to the fact that the throat of such a person becomes lined with excessive fatty tissues.

Excessive weight

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When this happens, these tissues tend to put unnecessary pressure on the air passages. When the air passages come under pressure, it becomes difficult for the patient to breathe and this gives rise to the problem of snoring. Such people can even lose breath while sleeping if the air passages get too blocked.

Consumption Of Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol can also trigger the problem of snoring. This is because alcohol has a very soothing effect on the throat muscles. It causes these muscles to relax and this makes the air passages very narrow.

Alcohol Consumption

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When the air cannot get though these passages, snoring occurs and the patient experiences discomfort to a great extent. This is why it is advisable to refrain from consuming any form of alcohol, especially before going to bed.

Certain Health Disorders

Certain health problems can also cause the problem of snoring. Nasal deformities are responsible for almost all the cases of snoring among children and teenagers. One such deformity is known as a deviated septum. The septum is responsible for creating a partition between the nostrils.

When this partition is not exactly how it should be, the problem of snoring occurs. Another very common problem which triggers snoring is the presence of enlarged tonsils. When the tonsils become big, they cause the nasal passages to constrict and this makes the person snore.

Sleeping On Your Back

A person who sleeps on his back tends to snore due to the fact that the throat muscles and air passages get compressed due to the pressure exerted on them by the weight of the body. People who are suffering from such a problem are advised to sleep on their stomach or on their side as this helps to prevent the air passages from coming under pressure while sleeping. The air passages remain open throughout the night and the person is able to sleep without having to snore.

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