Get Toned And Flat Tummy With Top 4 Exercises

flat tummy exercises Yoga asana is one of the most effective exercises by which you can get various benefits for your body, mind and spirit. According to many fitness experts, yoga exercise helps you to tone and strengthen your overall body muscles as well as it also helps you to prevent various types of diseases.

You may also concentrate on developing some specific group of muscles too, such as the shoulders, arms, legs and most notable one, the abdominal muscles. Yoga plays a most vital role when it comes to your potential belly fat, abdominal fat, stomach fat and other types of unwanted fat deposits around the belly.

Some times we see people suffering from problems of increasing abdominal fat. But they can not understand which sorts of exercises are perfect for this problem.

Here is a valuable piece of information for every one that, yoga exercises can reduce belly fat remarkably. Yoga not only helps you to lose the extra fat but also helps you to reduce stress and prevent various types of disease and get a good looking and flat abdomen.

Frankly speaking, there are no particular forms of yoga, which can help you to reduce your belly fat or abdominal fat. But if you follow some sets of yoga asana regularly, then you can get most effective results.

If you are not habituated with the yoga exercises very much then you can start your fitness resume initially, with the help of some light yoga exercises. You can also consult any yoga expert, in this regard and prepare a yoga asana chart for your abdomen.

Discussed here are some most common yoga asanas, which can help you to reduce abdominal fat and prevent various diseases of the stomach too.

Yoga asana no. 1

This yoga asana is called as “Dhanurasana”. It is one of the best yoga postures that create maximum level of stretch on your abdominal area as you do this asana. The excessive quantity of fat will burn during the stretching. As a result, you will get flat and tout abdomen.

Lie down on the flat ground, in a straight position. Front portion of your body must touch the ground. Look towards the ground. Subsequently, bend your legs from the knee portion and place it on your hip.

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After that, hold both of your feet with the help of hands. Then, you must try to pull up your whole body from the ground like thigh, chest and upper portion of your stomach, as much as possible. At this time, only lower abdominal portion is supposed to touch the ground and your head must be in straight position. The posture of your body becomes a bow while doing the asana.

You should try to hold this position for at least one to two minutes, in the beginning and then go back to starting position. Relax you body for ten seconds and repeat this asana three times, in the same way. You can also try to increase the timing of this asana day by day.

Yoga asana no.2

This is called “Pashchimutthasana”. It is another best yoga by which you can get most effective results for your abdominal.Firstly, lie down on the ground in straight and relaxed position.

Next, place both of your hands over your head, in a straight position. Then, lift the upper portion of your body from the ground and try to place your head towards your knees. At this time, lower portion of your body must touch the ground in a straight position.


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After that, hold your leg fingers tightly with your hands.  Pull the upper portion of your body towards your knees and try to touch your knees with your forehead. When you do this yoga you must try to maintain normal breathing.

Hold the posture for at least twenty to twenty five seconds and return back to the starting position. After that, you can take some rest for relaxation. Repeat the asana again. You must try to increase the timing of this yoga gradually if you want to get best results from it.

Yoga asana no.3

This yoga not only reduces the excessive quantity of fat from your stomach, but also helps to reduce fat from your hip portion too. Beside this it can cure various types of stomach disease too.

Firstly, lie down on the ground in a straight position. Place both of your hands at the side of your body in an erect way. After that, lift both of yours leg from the ground.

Place both the legs at the back side of your head at a distance, as much as you can and touch the ground with your toe. At this stage, your chin should touch on to your chest and legs must be in a straight position. Both of your hands must also touch on to the ground.

Hold the position for at least twenty and twenty five seconds. After that, go back to the starting position and take some rest. You must try to maintain normal breathing system during this yoga. You may do this yoga for four times a day. You can also increase the timing of this yoga day by day for getting best results.

Yoga asana no.4

This is another effective yoga for your abdomen. It is called “Noukaasana”. Firstly, lie down on the flat floor in a straight position. After that, place both of your hands over your head in a straight position. Next, take a deep breath and lift both of your leg, along with your hands and head, at least twenty inches above the ground.

At this time the back portion of your body and hip must touch on the ground. Try to look at your stomach portion. Your leg and hand position should be straight.

Hold on to the posture for at least thirty minutes. After that go back to starting position slowly and release your breath simultaneously. You must try to do this yoga for at least four times per day and you are definite to get your desired results.

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