Girard-Perregaux Three Bridges “Blue Spinel” Review

Girard Perragaux is a brand that is known for its exclusivity and excellence. The watches by the company have been a owned by the most affluent connoisseurs of time pieces. One of the latest and definitely one of the most stunning offering from the brand is the Girard Perragaux Three Bridges “Blue Spinel”. This watch is more than beautiful and sophisticated; it is drop dead gorgeous.

Girard-Perregaux Review

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Features of Girard-Perregaux Three Bridges “Blue Spinel”

The Design

The design of the watch is something that has people fawning over it. It has a stunning blend of titanium, platinum, lucent sapphire, spinel and gold, which makes it more than just a watch; Girard Perragaux Three Bridges “Blue Spinel” is a piece of exquisite jewelry. The three transparent blue spinel bridges that are laid in the watch add drama and uniqueness to the watch.

As the name indicates, they are made up of spinel, which is a variety of gemstone. The three bridges are for power barrel, center pinion and tourbillion mechanism. Tourbillion is the sixty second rotation dial. These three blue bridges have a gold fixture at their center and the bridges are secured on the rim of the watch with screws, which are also in a blue shade.

The beauty of the watch is its exposed working mechanism. With transparent bridges across the dial, the movement and rotation of tourbillion cage is very clearly visible. It catches your attention instantly. However, the tourbillion mechanism, although engrossing, takes a backseat to the blue spinel bridges. The circular dial is bordered by an octagonal frame, which in turn rests on a circular base. The geometric contrast is another aspect that adds a stunning visual appeal and beauty to the watch. With its spectacular design, this watch is simply irresistible.


Girard-Perregaux Features

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The watch comes with an open worked power barrel which is circular grained and diamond polished. The octagonal shaped bezel is with rounded edges and the angles are hand polished. The tourbillion is perfect in terms of aesthetic appeal and technical performance. The technical features also contribute to the adornment of the watch owing to the transparent spinel.

The titanium dial of the watch measures 42.6 mm in diameter. The dial is protected by anti-reflective crystals. The back of the watch is as meticulously done. It has been secured and studded with 6 screws. Every watch has a unique number associated with it. The crown of the watch is done with white gold which is finished with rhodium plating. The brand logo “GP” has been engraved on it.

With a total of 31 jewels, a frequency of 21,600 vhp, a power reserve of 48 hours and 241 parts, this watch is exquisite to the highest degree. The strap of the watch, more aptly called the bracelet, is made of titanium. It has been designed with external links that are H shaped and come with vertical and horizontal satin brushed finish. The watch is perfection in every sense of the word.

Price Of Girard-Perregaux Three Bridges “Blue Spinel”

The only thing that can hold you back from grabbing it is its price – it costs a whopping $195,000. Adding to its exclusivity is the fact that only 10 pieces are available for grabs.