Golden Tips To Know It Is The Right Time To Propose A Woman

Majority of men hear their hearts twinkling when they come across beautiful women. This is not a phenomenon that is experienced only when a man is in his stages of puberty or teenage. But the attraction of men towards women is a chemistry that has been there probably since the time human beings came into existence.

Why should we only talk about human beings, this attraction of men towards women is a magnetism which exists even in the animal kingdom. A male cat will loiter around the area where there is a female cat or dogs will howl and fight over a bitch. Do all these seem that God had been partial in creating women as superior races? It is absolutely not. Men, by nature, are active, while women are passive. Men are chasers, who generally make the first move and women respond to it. This is how the beauty of creation is designed by God.

Now, the question is, if at all women love to be chased and give in to men’s proposals, then why some men are so unfortunate that they get rejected? Rejection is really a humiliation for a man when he is turned down by a woman. He is often bullied by his friends too, for such an unexpected situation. This makes the man lose confidence for his next similar move. It questions him whether he is suitable to propose a woman or not. He gets hesitant thinking he might not be attractive enough or lacks smartness or may be lagging behind some of the more suitable guys.

Actually, it is not the personality, appearance, educational background or any such things that work as the major cause for rejection. What is most important to realize is that, was the move made by the man at the right time? A man needs to know if he has approached the right woman or not.  There are situations too, when a guy gets rejected by a woman who is otherwise quite willing to get along. In such cases it might not have been the right time when the man has proposed to that woman.

So, be successful in love and dating. Follow these tips to know if it is the right time to approach a woman. You can decide your move on the basis of these guidelines.

Tip 1 – Ascertain The Mood Of The Woman

Before plunging straight into a woman and proposing her for a date, it is more important to know if you are hitting the right time. She might be your friend or an office associate or a known person, but that does not mean you will be successful in your endeavor every time. In certain cases, you might even be aware that the woman you are interested in has a feeling for you. But you might be turned down even after that. Actually you need to know the mood of the woman before proposing to her. It might be so that you have proposed her on a day when she had a bad fight with her boss at work or some of her close one might be unwell. Never expect to get a positive response in such a situation.

Tip 2 – Know Her Taste Before Proposing

You might come across a woman who is stunningly beautiful. You might get tempted towards her and wish with all your heart that she could be yours. But, proposing to her may turn out to be totally futile. This is because it is not that she is reluctant to go for a date or something like that. You might even find one day that the same lady is going around with your best friend and get jealous. Actually, it is not that she dogged you or your friend betrayed you or you lack in something that your friend has. Basically, the inherent reason in this case is that the lady might have interests and tastes that do not complement with that of yours. So, the thumb rule in this case is not to head straight towards her and propose her. Instead, be slow and start your ‘project’ with friendly conversations. Judge if she is your type or not. Only then you can decide whether to move further or stop right there.

Tip 3 – Be Smart Enough To Face The Situation

You might be extremely handsome. Or you might be financially sound and have quite a lot of university degrees. Although these are the basic things women look in men, but that does not say it all. You might be very shy and introvert and shiver even at the thought of facing the woman you long for. Do not think that she will not know that you are so shaky and nervous! You might not know, but news travels faster than light! So, it might be your best of friends or their friends who will deliver her this news of your weakness. Hence, instead of being a man of her dreams, you will just be an object of mockery. As a consequence, one of your boldest attempts to propose her one day might be turned down by her mercilessly. Women do not like men who stammer and sweat while introducing themselves to a woman. So, build confidence in yourself. Be smart and believe in yourself. Do not ponder only on the negative qualities you have. Rather live on your positive traits thinking that you are superior to many other men, owing of these positive factors. As for your negativity, instead of nagging about those, conceive ideas and work towards driving them off you. Face a situation only when you are confident enough.

Tip 4 – Be Wannable Among Girls

While you plan to propose a woman, it is very important to realize that you are also not inferior in any way. Make yourself wannable. How will you do it? Do not try to be a ‘typical’ lover boy and go around proposing every woman who passes by. You will only be rejected repeatedly, which will damage your confidence.  Instead make yourself fit and presentable by exercising, healthy diet and learning skills of articulation. Also pick up a couple of smart dresses and perfumes that will add up to your presentability. Have an attitude of your self. Girls will get flowed on you!