Gotham Avant Garde Watch Price And Review

Women have a lot of accessories to flaunt, but sadly enough it is very limited for the opposite sex! Nevertheless, since there is a limited option of accessories for men, watches tend to play a very significant part in making a man look not only handsome, but sharp and elegant as well.

Hence, to all the men out there – If you have an artistic bend of mind and like experimenting with your looks and want to be innovative and be ahead of the majority; And to all the women out there, if you want your man to look dashing every time he moves his hand either to shake hands or bid goodbye, or stretch out his hand to grab you passionately; THEN you should buy a watch like the AVANT- GARDE, that accentuates those male wrists and re- defines all watches ever made!

Why Select Avant-Garde?

If you are a fan of, or have ever bought watches like the Omega Speed-master, or the Odyssey Silicium, or the Marvin Loeb, or the Striking 10th Monaco PCA, then you can relate this watch to such ones. If you are looking for a watch that says it all in the very first impression, then Avant-Garde is definitely the watch for you!

Gotham Avant Garde Watch

Gotham Avant-Garde is a from the signature collection of Tourneau’s. Its new and improved updated version features an alligator strap, case made of stainless steel and adorned with a sapphire exhibition case back which emphasizes the aesthetics of the jewel.

Every time you look at this masterpiece it allows you to see the time as well as the intricate works of the 18k-gold inlaid rotor. It is further complemented with Valjoux 7750 automatic mechanical movement.

Gotham Avant Garde Watch Price

The dial is of impressive 45-mm case and has a water-resistance rating! But it comes with a warning that you can’t go fishing or skiing wearing this watch.

Few Simple Stats – Avant Garde

If you want to wear this watch and let it do the talking, then this watch will tell others that you are 10% richer than them, 25% original, 10 % saying that you are the Boss and then again, if you want to look humble, this watch can also make an impression of being 35 % tacky and 20 % clueless!

Gotham Avant Garde Watch features

Avant Garde Watch Design and Outlook

The Gotham Avant-Garde collection presents dial’s in black chrome, white, anthracite or tangerine, and each colour is matched with a band and coordinated accent needlecraft.

Avant Garde Watch

Its uniqueness is enhanced with the guilloche case on each watch containing 48 elements constructed by hand, it is an automatic chronograph series complimented with handsome features.

Each of these models is of limited edition consisting of 99 in each version only, thus increasing the exclusivity of this collection. It’s one of those things in life which is undoubtedly worth having. So if you want to take time in your hands go and get an Avant-Garde watch for yourself or your loved ones!

Gotham Avant Garde Watch Price

To own this watch, all you need to do is let go of $5,450 from your pocket.