Great Tips To Avoid Two Major Negative Influences In Life

Avoid  Negative Influences from Life We grow up from toddler to a fully matured individual in a family. There are parents in the family, who are caring. There are grandparents too, in some of the families, who are affectionate. We get the much needed affection and guidance from them which helps us to face the world boldly and with full confidence when we mature as adults.

There are near and dear friends we grow up together with. We also develop friends and associations, in the later parts of our lives too, whom we meet at the universities, colleges, etc. we get admitted to or the workplace we join or any discos we attend to. We even get into love relationships at a certain stage in our life, which generally occurs when we are on the onset of our puberty and it continues further in our lives.

We also meet several other people in our lives too, since human being is a social being. Therefore, staying in a society makes our exposure to a wide range of people, every day and every time. These people can be those, excluding the relatives, friends and spouses too. They are our vegetable mongers, grocers, barber we visit to, the newspaper man etc.

Neighbors too are among those people we have to get in connection to, in our every day life. All these people have one or multiple sorts of influence in our lives. While some of the influences are so vital that they play a crucial in our character building, or assist us mentally and physically in our lives, some influences are so harmful that they are almost like ‘silent killers’.

They bring about our downfall, quite to the lack of our knowledge. Some of the influences are so torturing that we understand they are harming us, but do not know how to get rid of them. These negative influences can come from our family, office, friend circle, or any other sphere of the society we interact with regularly.

Reading this article many of you can identify circumstances that resemble your lives. But, they seriously do not know how to tackle them or get rid of them. Basically, there are certain simple tactics and wise methods by which you can drive out the negative influences in your life, specially the ones you can realize but feel helpless to handle.

Negative Influence Of the Family

While family is the greatest support we have when we are in distress or broke, this very family plays as a negative influence in some of the individual’s lives as well. There can be one or more than one members in the family, who have negative influences in the lives of some of the people. For instance, a boy or a girl can find that, his or her father or mother is extremely nosy in whatever the person does.

Such a person may also try to influence the boy or the girl in some of the crucial career decision makings, when the sufferer is matured enough to handle it alone and also in a much better way. Such family members can also have negative influences in the love life of the girl or the boy too.

An attempt to try to sort out such negative influence may appear extremely difficult since it might indicate at breaking off the relation from them permanently. But that is never a desirable solution.

Negative Influence Of the Family

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Tips to Handle It

A great way to handle this typical sort of negative influence is to remain indifferent to them. This does not mean that you will be disrespectful towards them. Do not show that you are not obeying to them. Just open your ears and let all that they say pour into your ears. But, it is not essential that you must take these instructions as mandatory and act in that way only.

So, take your own decision finally. Do not enter into controversy in making them know that it is only your decision that matter. Instead, act wisely and you will see how amicably things are sorted out when your parents will see how to move ahead in pursuing what you feel like. There can be a situation later, when they might finally feel it is fruitless advising you. That will be a winning situation for you.

Negative Influences of Colleagues

There are colleagues in the office or our work places too, who act as negative influences in our lives. A tip to identify these bad elements is by means of some of the distinct character traits they have, such as criticizing and badmouthing about people, abusing the boss at his back, instructing you not to give your full at the workplace, taking you for regular drinks, etc. It is very difficult sometimes to identify who are the ‘rotten’ elements as they behave in a very helpful and generous manner at times too.

Even if you are successful in identifying them, you might find that avoiding them can put your position in the work place at a stake. These people are such that they would start to bad mouth about you too if you avoid them directly.

Tips to Handle It

The greatest tip to handle such negative influences in the workplace is not to allow such associations with you right form the beginning. You must be fully professional in office. It is also important for you to realize that office is not a place where you are supposed to chat and gossip all the while. Complete the work in time and go home. But, again, do not be too unsocial.

Socialize with your colleagues but maintain a limit. Do not flow with the tide and be firm enough to stay that you do not enjoy gossips and criticisms. Do not be harsh to them in letting them know about your feelings but tackle the situation with brains. Whenever such topics arise, divert to popular current affairs, the day’s breaking news, sports news etc., so that they get your hint indirectly.

This is a brilliant way by which they will understand your nature and will stop doing such things in the total absence of any influence from you. You will also be saved in the process.

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