Hair Gel For Men: Should they be used or not?

Hair Gel For Men If women are said to be obsessed with looking good, men also pay a lot of attention to their hair. From spending hours in front of mirror perfecting that look to using expensive hair care products like mousse, hair spray, hair color and hair gels, men have always given their hair its due.Even the companies, who earlier concentrated on women products, understood the importance of venturing into men’s hair styling products, simply for the fact that it is a huge market.

Going by the history of hair gels for men, it is not recently when men have started using this styling product; this has been in existence since Egyptians used fat based gel to keep their style in place. An extensive research on mummies has reveal that hair gel was used by egyptians before and after death.

There are different brands and Types of Hair gel lets study them and their components one by one.

What Are Hair-gel Made Up Of?

The major components of a hair gel are beeswax, petroleum jelly, alcohol, plasticizer and water-soluble polymers. It is not hard to procure hair gels, as they are readily available in departmental stores to medical shops, not only that men can choose from variety of hair gels.

What Are Different Types Of Hair-Gel?

Lot companies manufacture  hair gels men according to their hair types but the major ones are  one which give extra strength to hair, other one is with wet-look , and while other one used to give that stiff texture to the hair.

Various Brand That Manufacture Hair Gels?

Talking about brands, Brylcreem was the very first company to introduce hair-gel in year 1929. But it was followed by many others, eventually.

Various Brand That Manufacture Hair Gels

In recent times, the few companies that are big names in manufacturing of  hair-gels for men are Gatsby, Garnier, Loreal Paris, Park Avenue, Schwarzopf osis etc.

Is It Wise To Use Hair-gels ?

For long it has been debated whether or not men should use hair gel for styling their hair. While many people swear by it others have reported cases of hair fall, dry scalp and allergy.

The people who are against of usage of hair gels cite reasons like:

a) Hair gel causes hair-fall.

b) Hair gel makes hair brittle, coarse and rough.

c) Alcohol in hair gel causes major hair damage, which is generally irreparable.

d) Because of their sticky nature, hair gel tends to attract and hold dust particles and other harmful particles in air, for long.

e) A few of them can also have reported to damage scalp and cause irritation to the skin.

While majority of these accusations are true, but only partly. Chemicals in any form do tend to harm skin or hair, if used on regular basis and inappropriately. To say that only hair-gels are harmful and other chemical products are safe will be extremely unfair. On the contrary, armed with hair gels, men can try variety hair-styles without spending huge money in visiting hair-salons.

The key point here is to remember not to over-use the product and wash the hair thoroughly after every use.

Do remeber to take right diet and oil your hair once a week to reverse the process of damage done by the chemicals.