Hamilton Pan Europ Automatic Chronograph Watch

Hamilton Pan – Europ is an old world chronograph that will only evoke an interest in people who are interested in vintage watches. This watch has a special appeal as it does not have the hassles of a 40 – year – old watch but still maintain an old – fashioned charm which is hard to miss.

The Hamilton Pan – Europ is almost similar to the original but some minor changes have been incorporated that has only helped to enhance the look of the watch.


The original Pan –Europ dates back to the 1970s and this one comes with a case that gives the same look and feel as the original masterpiece. The main USP of the watch is the brown leather strap which imparts a sense of uniqueness to this beautiful watch. The dial is blue in color and the bezel is also of the same color to the give a ‘funky’ look to the watch.

The experts are of the option that this watch should be worn with a brown leather jacket which will make one look real good. The original Pan – Europ was actually the first auto chronograph but this new age heritage watch uses a Swiss Valjoux 7753 movement which is known for its good automatic caliber. There are certain differences between the two Pan –Europ watches and the first one that will strike you is the movement of the crown from left to right. This might disappoint many but this position is much more practical and helpful for the right-handers.

How durable is it?

The watch has a very large case at 45mm. This is probably the single most important defect of this watch. The large case is quite bulky and may not appeal to the young generation of today. The original dimension of 42mm was much better this size alone will put off many people from buying this otherwise beautiful watch.

Those who have bought this watch have actually commended the makers as it is really comfortable as a wristwatch and people will actually appreciate this watch if they can just ignore the size. The Hamilton Pan – Europ is a limited edition watch and there are only 1,971 pieces available across the world. So to tell you, frankly, there will not be many people who will be flaunting this watch on their wrists.


The watch will be available from September 2011 and it has been priced at $1825. However, some reports suggest that the final price could be fixed at $1900. This watch is a tribute to the original watch of 1971 and it is expected that the blue chronograph dial will catch the fancy of many and should spur the sales figure. The leather strap reminds everybody of Steve McQueen style and arguably this is the best part of the watch.

Since the numbers of pieces are very limited, it is expected that the retailers will have a hard time in managing the rush. To conclude I can only say that you should go for this watch if you have been looking for a great watch with some fine style. At this price, the Hamilton Pan – Europ is a real steal.